7-12-1    Sheriff to preserve the peace--Apprehension of felons--Execution of process.

7-12-2    Office at county seat--Service and posting of notices.

7-12-3    Attendance on courts and county commissioners.

7-12-4    Compliance with attorney general's orders--Enforcement of laws.

7-12-5    Information furnished to attorney general and state's attorney--Assistance in prosecution of offenses.

7-12-6    Deputy sheriff to act on disqualification or incapacity of sheriff--Coroner to serve papers on sheriff.

7-12-7    Designation of circuit court commissioner to act in absence, inability, or disqualification of sheriff and coroner.

7-12-8    7-12-8. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 15, § 3.

7-12-9    Deputies, jailers, and clerks authorized by county commissioners--Compensation.

7-12-10    Appointment and removal of deputies, jailers, and clerks--Oath and bond.

7-12-10.1    Civil service system for deputies in large county--Features of system--Repeal or modification.

7-12-11    Responsibility of sheriff for deputies, jailers, and clerks--Summary relief from duties.

7-12-12    Vehicles and equipment furnished to sheriff by county--Mileage payments not made.

7-12-13    Payment of expenses where vehicle furnished by county.

7-12-14    County reimbursement of expenses on official business.

7-12-15    Sheriff's salary schedule.

7-12-16    7-12-16. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 15, § 3.

7-12-17    Mileage and food allowances unaffected by salary provisions--Deduction for housing furnished by county

7-12-18    Fees and traveling expenses chargeable by sheriff.

7-12-18.1    Uncollectable fees removed as assets of county.

7-12-19    7-12-19. Repealed by SL 1981, ch 44, § 9.

7-12-19.1    Fees paid to sheriff--Remittance to county treasurer.

7-12-20    Endorsement of fees for service of process for state--Fees not required of county.

7-12-21    Reimbursement of travel expense outside county.

7-12-22    Prisoner transportation expenses--State reimbursement.

7-12-23    Reimbursement for taking prisoner before judge.

7-12-24    Prisoner transportation allowances not considered fees for salary purposes.

7-12-25    Fees deposited in general fund.

7-12-25.1    Fees deposited in joint law enforcement fund if joint commission exists in county.

7-12-26    County payment of judgments against sheriff and deputies.

7-12-26.1    Purchase of liability insurance for sheriff, deputies, and employees.

7-12-27    Reimbursement of sheriff and deputies paid from county general fund.

7-12-28    Failure to perform duty or account for fees as misdemeanor.

7-12-29    Taking and holding animal suspected of being dangerous--Formal determination--Disposal of dangerous animal.