7-18A-1    Definition of terms.

7-18A-2    Authority to enact, amend, and repeal ordinances and resolutions--Penalties for violation.

7-18A-3    One subject in title.

7-18A-4    Ordaining clause.

7-18A-5    Reading, signing, filing, and publication required.

7-18A-6    Vote on ordinances--Entry in minutes.

7-18A-7    Passage of resolutions--Record of votes--Publication in minutes.

7-18A-8    Effective date of ordinances and resolutions--Exceptions.

7-18A-9    Initiated measures--Number of voters required.

7-18A-10    Nullification by initiated ordinance of emergency provisions prohibited--Time for initiated measure to nullify bond purposes.

7-18A-11    Initiative petition--Form and contents.

7-18A-12    Affidavit required of circulators of petition.

7-18A-13    Board action on initiative petition--Submission to voters.

7-18A-14    Majority vote required for approval of initiated measure--Effective date.

7-18A-15    Referendum petition--Number of signatures required--Emergency measures excepted.

7-18A-15.1    Legislative decision of board subject to referendum--Administrative decision not subject to referendum.

7-18A-16    Time of filing referendum petition--Submission to voters required.

7-18A-17    Description in petition of referred matters.

7-18A-18    Signature requirements for referendum petition--Verification.

7-18A-18.1    Certification regarding petition signatures by county auditor--Notice to petition sponsors.

7-18A-19    Special election on referendum petition--Submission at primary or general election.

7-18A-20    Publication of referred measure--Contents.

7-18A-21    Referendum ballot printing and distribution--Form and contents.

7-18A-22    Majority vote required to approve referred measure--Effective date.

7-18A-23    Preservation of referendum petitions--Public inspection.

7-18A-24    Waiting period before second vote on initiated or referred question.

7-18A-25    Ordinance book kept--Contents.

7-18A-25.1    Posting of ordinance book on county website.

7-18A-26    7-18A-26. Repealed by SL 2016, ch 44, § 51.

7-18A-27    Compilation of ordinances in book form--Publication.

7-18A-28    Revision committee appointed by board.

7-18A-29    Publication of notice of adoption of revision--Revised ordinance effective unless referendum invoked--Ordinances published in book form.

7-18A-30    Admissibility of ordinances and resolutions as evidence.

7-18A-31    Proof of compliance with procedural provisions not required unless controverted.

7-18A-32    Actions for violations as civil cases--County as plaintiff--Pleadings--Rules of conduct.

7-18A-33    Degree of proof when jail sentence authorized.

7-18A-34    Appeal to circuit court from magistrate court--Trial de novo and jury trial.

7-18A-35    Disposition of fines and penalties.

7-18A-36    Firearms regulation prohibited--Action by attorney general.

7-18A-37    Criminal background check of persons seeking employment with county.