7-8-1    Number and terms of office of commissioners--Staggered terms.

7-8-2    Commissioners elected by voters of district--Moving from district or failing to attend meetings creates vacancy.

7-8-2.1    7-8-2.1. Repealed by SL 1979, ch 45, § 2.

7-8-2.2    Candidate to be resident of district at time of signing declaration of candidacy.

7-8-3    Change in number of commissioners--Petition and submission at election.

7-8-4    Form of ballot on increase of number of commissioners.

7-8-5    Form of ballot on decrease in number of commissioners.

7-8-6    Redistricting and transition after increase in number of commissioners.

7-8-7    Redistricting and transition after decrease in number of commissioners.

7-8-8    Continuance in office of commissioners elected before change in number of commissioners.

7-8-9    7-8-9. Repealed by SL 2003, ch 40, § 4.

7-8-10    Decennial revision of commissioner districts.

7-8-11    Continuance in office of commissioners elected before decennial redistricting--Designation of district represented--Elections in other districts.

7-8-12    Publication and posting of notice of decennial redistricting.

7-8-12.1    Question as to legality of commissioner districts--Request grant of permission to revise boundaries.

7-8-12.2    Order affirming good cause exists for redistricting--Authorization for revision.

7-8-12.3    Revision of county commission districts--Notice.

7-8-13    7-8-13. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 55, § 50.

7-8-14    Meetings--County commission--Special sessions.

7-8-15    Chair and vice chair--Election--Vacancy--Duties.

7-8-16    Repealed.

7-8-17    Recording of votes by county commissioners.

7-8-18    Tie vote of commissioners.

7-8-19    Preservation of order by county board--Enforcement of obedience to orders.

7-8-20    General powers of county commissioners.

7-8-20.1    Rewards for aid in arrest and conviction of felons.

7-8-20.2    Determination by commissioners of right to reward--Payment.

7-8-21    7-8-21. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 64, § 9.

7-8-22    7-8-22. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 58, § 3.

7-8-23    Rights-of-way on highways granted by county commissioners.

7-8-24    Memorial Day observance.

7-8-25    Distribution of surplus commodities.

7-8-26    Hospital and medical insurance contracts for county officers and employees.

7-8-26.1    Life and health insurance contracts for county officers and employees.

7-8-26.2    Health self-insurance plan for county officers and employees.

7-8-26.3    Annual report of self-insurance system--Audit.

7-8-26.4    Individual hospital, medical, or health insurance contracts for county officers and employees.

7-8-26.5    Reinsurance arrangement required for self-insurance.

7-8-27    Appeal to circuit court from county commissioners--Bond for costs.

7-8-28    State's attorney's appeal from action of county commissioners.

7-8-29    Time allowed for appeal--Service of notice--Transcript of proceedings.

7-8-30    Filing of appeal and transcript--Docketing--Hearing and determination.

7-8-31    Circuit court judgment and order on appeal from county commissioners.

7-8-32    Appeal as exclusive remedy--Restrictions.

7-8-33    Declaration and abatement of nuisances by county.

7-8-38    County revenues--Economic development.

7-8-39    Establishment of public works program to provide income for payment of property taxes.

7-8-40    Conditions of public works program for payment of property taxes--Participation.

7-8-41    Passport applications--Assistance by county employees.