7-9-1    Duty to keep records of instruments--Destruction of unneeded records.

7-9-1.1    Recording, filing, and indexing of records by microfilming or computerization.

7-9-2    Seal of office--Use on instruments.

7-9-3    Time of recording.

7-9-4    Special townsite deed record required.

7-9-5    Conveyances of platted land not accepted until plat recorded.

7-9-6    Tax payment certificate required for recording of plat--County auditor's, state highway, and centrally assessed railroad property plats excepted.

7-9-7    Names, addresses, and descriptions required in recorded instruments--Certificate of value.

7-9-7.1    Report of information in recorded instruments.

7-9-7.2    Certificate of value--Form.

7-9-7.3    State exempt from filing certificate of value.

7-9-7.4    Original signatures required for recording paper document--Financing statements--Exhibits.

7-9-8    Numerical indexes of instruments affecting real property--Form.

7-9-8.1    Endorsement of date, time, and identifying number--Entry in indexes.

7-9-9    Alphabetical indexes of instruments affecting real property.

7-9-10    Monthly report to tax officials of real estate transfers.

7-9-11    Numbering and alphabetical index of instruments relating to personal property.

7-9-12    Form of personal property index.

7-9-13    Continued use of previously authorized register index.

7-9-13.1    Release of old age assistance liens.

7-9-14    Replacement of unusable indexes--Completion of incomplete indexes--Admissibility in evidence.

7-9-15    Fees--Real estate documents to conform to format standards--Exception.

7-9-15.1    Immunity from personal liability for bad checks.

7-9-16    Reception record and fee book maintained by register--Entries in record.

7-9-17    Deposit of fees and other collections received--Charging on account--Record of accounts receivable.

7-9-18    Failure by register to collect, record, report or pay over fees as theft.

7-9-19    Refusal to record.

7-9-20    Court action for refusal to record.

7-9-21    Liability of register for refusal to record.

7-9-22    Suspicion of counterfeit recorded documents--Notice.

7-9-23    7-9-23. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 37, § 2, eff. Mar. 7, 2011.

7-9-24    Electronic preservation of documents.

7-9-25    County register of deeds modernization and preservation relief fund.

7-9-26    Fees deposited into fund--Distribution.

7-9-27    Duty of the county governing body to fund register of deeds--Gifts, grants, contributions, and funds from other sources.

7-9-28    South Dakota association of county officials register of deeds modernization and preservation relief fund.

7-9-29    Fiscal year of fund--Computation of each county's share of deposits--Division of money in fund--Administrative fee.