8-1-1    Continuation of existing townships.

8-1-2    Division of county into townships--Boundaries--Alterations.

8-1-3    Maximum size and minimum number of voters in civil township.

8-1-4    Boundary descriptions recorded by county commissioners--Alterations in boundaries.

8-1-5    Organization of civil township on petition of voters.

8-1-6    Name of organized township.

8-1-7    Reorganization, division or merger of civil townships authorized.

8-1-8    Conditions for organization, reorganization, division, or merger of townships or of fractions of townships--Petition by voters.

8-1-9    Hearing to consider proposed organization, reorganization, division, or merger of township or fraction of township--Notice.

8-1-10    Election to decide reorganization, division, or merger of townships.

8-1-11    Name of merged township or newly separated township.

8-1-12    First annual meeting in newly separated township.

8-1-13    Continuation of civil township from which separation made.

8-1-14    Adjustment of assets and indebtedness after division, reorganization or merger of townships.

8-1-15    Board for adjustment and settlement after reorganization, division or merger of township.

8-1-16    First meeting of board of adjustment.

8-1-17    Powers of board of adjustment--Criteria for adjustment.

8-1-18    Filing of determination by board of adjustment--Binding effect.

8-1-19    Compensation of board of adjustment.

8-1-20    Petition for separation of village from civil township--Contents and number of signers.

8-1-21    Notice of consideration by county commissioners of petition for separation of village.

8-1-22    Hearing by county commissioners on separation of village from township--Decision and determination of boundaries.

8-1-23    Petition and election on abolition of township organization.

8-1-23.1    Waiting period for filing petition of abolition.

8-1-24    Abolition of township organization on approval by voters--Abstract of votes--Delivery of township property to county auditor.

8-1-25    Deposit of money and property after abolition of township organization.

8-1-26    Payment of indebtedness after abolition of township organization--Disposition of property--Tax levy for outstanding indebtedness.

8-1-27    Surplus funds expended for road work after abolition of township organization.

8-1-28    Township with real property or bonded indebtedness not permitted to abolish organization.

8-1-29    Reestablishment of township--Reestablishment defined.

8-1-30    Reestablishment of township proposed by county commissioners or petition of voters.

8-1-31    Public hearing on reestablishment of township--Notice.

8-1-32    Election on reestablishment of township.