8-3-1    Time and place of annual meeting--Publication of notice.

8-3-1.1    Authority to require nominating petition.

8-3-1.2    Filing nominating petition--Contents--Circulation prior to meeting.

8-3-1.3    Publication of election notice.

8-3-1.4    Notice in township of twenty or fewer resident voters.

8-3-2    Powers of voters at annual meeting.

8-3-3    Special meetings of township electors--Statement calling meeting.

8-3-4    Recording and publication of notice of special meeting--Exception.

8-3-5    Contents of notice of special meeting--Business restricted to stated purposes.

8-3-6    Organization and officers of township meeting.

8-3-7    Township meeting--Voter qualifications--Registration and residence.

8-3-8    Unlawful voting at meeting as misdemeanor.

8-3-9    Township election--Challenge to voter qualification--Affidavit--Violation.

8-3-10    Order of business at meeting--Procedural rules.

8-3-11    Filing of minutes of meeting.

8-3-12    Supervisor elected at annual meeting--Representation of county seat town.

8-3-13    Additional officers elected at annual meeting--Term of constable.

8-3-13.1    Offices of the clerk and treasurer combined--Nomination and election--Powers and responsibilities.

8-3-14    Proclamation of opening of polls, adjournment and closing of polls.

8-3-15    Method of electing officers.

8-3-16    Conduct of voting by ballot.

8-3-17    Canvass and return of voting by ballot.

8-3-17.1    Absentee voting.

8-3-18    Notice to persons elected to township office.

8-3-19    Special meeting called by resident voters after failure to elect officers at annual meeting.

8-3-20    Appointment of officers by county commissioners after failure of township to elect.

8-3-21    Option to adopt campaign finance law.