9-10-11. Removal of city manager--Resolution of intent--Public hearing--Pay.

The governing body shall appoint the city manager for an indefinite term but may suspend the manager by resolution of intent to remove the manager approved by a majority vote of the members of the governing body. The resolution of intent to remove the manager must set forth the reasons for the suspension and proposed removal, and a copy of the resolution must be served immediately upon the manager. The manager may reply in writing to the resolution and may request a public hearing within fifteen days of being served the resolution. If a public hearing is requested by the manager, the governing body must set a time for the public hearing upon the question of the manager's removal, and the final resolution removing the manager may not be adopted until the public hearing has occurred.

The manager's pay must continue until the manager's removal is effective as provided by this section. The action of the governing body in removing the manager is final.

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