9-10-1    Petition for employment of city manager--Election.

9-10-2    Waiting period after rejection of city manager proposition by voters.

9-10-3    Employment of city manager after approval by voters.

9-10-4    Mayor and aldermen elected in first or second class municipality under aldermanic form.

9-10-5    Number, election, and terms of office of commissioners in commission-governed municipalities.

9-10-6    Special election of commissioners after employment of manager--Mayor--Powers of board.

9-10-7    Powers and duties of mayor.

9-10-8    Regular and special meetings of governing body.

9-10-9    Officers and employees appointed by governing body--Others appointed by city manager.

9-10-10    Qualifications and appointment of city manager--Residence--Restriction on appointment of former member of governing body.

9-10-11    Removal of city manager--Resolution of intent--Public hearing--Pay.

9-10-12    Absence, disability, or suspension of city manager.

9-10-13    Responsibility of city manager--Power to appoint and remove officers and employees.

9-10-14    Bond required of city manager and officers.

9-10-15    General powers of city manager.

9-10-16    Governing body to work through city manager--Violation as misdemeanor--Removal from office.

9-10-17    Solicitation of votes by city manager or appointee as misdemeanor.

9-10-18    Inconsistent statutes inapplicable.