9-12-1    General corporate powers--Municipal property.

9-12-2    Fiscal powers of municipalities.

9-12-3    Expenses of officers and employees in attending meetings.

9-12-3.1    Compensation of board and commission members not already compensated.

9-12-4    Agreements with state and United States to carry out municipal functions.

9-12-5    Lease or transfer of municipal property to state agency for public purposes.

9-12-5.1    Lease of municipally-owned property--Term and conditions.

9-12-5.2    Lease to private person--Resolution of intent--Notice and hearing--Authorization.

9-12-6    Designation of official newspapers.

9-12-7    Liability insurance and agreements for protection of municipality, officers and employees.

9-12-7.1    9-12-7.1, 9-12-8. Repealed by SL 1978, ch 50, §§ 4, 5.

9-12-9    Municipal appropriations for observance of holidays.

9-12-10    City census.

9-12-11    Promotion of municipality--Appropriation and expenditure of funds--Records.

9-12-12    Employment of welfare workers.

9-12-13    Power to adopt zoning ordinance.

9-12-14    Power to support airports and landing fields.

9-12-14.1    Municipality authorized to provide funds for air carrier air service.

9-12-15    Power to maintain library.

9-12-16    Option to adopt campaign finance law.

9-12-17    Power to adopt ordinances to protect groundwater--Scope and purpose--Agreements to implement and enforce wellhead protection program.

9-12-18    Power to maintain abandoned cemetery--Cemetery board--Funds.

9-12-19    Inspection fee for government-owned property.

9-12-20    Municipality holding required license authorized to serve food, prepared food, and beverages.

9-12-21    Rebate of municipal property taxes to further industry development goals.