9-14-1    9-14-1. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 43, § 2.

9-14-1.1    9-14-1.1. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 45, § 2.

9-14-2    Residence requirement for election to office--Exceptions--Defaulters ineligible.

9-14-3    Appointment of officers.

9-14-4    Commissions and certificates of appointment.

9-14-5    Qualification and discharge of duties of office by appointive and elective officers.

9-14-6    Oath of appointive officers--Undertaking.

9-14-6.1    Amount of finance officer's bond.

9-14-7    Oath or affirmation and undertaking of clerk, director of equalization, treasurer, and marshal in third class municipalities.

9-14-8    9-14-8. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 153, § 60.

9-14-9    Place of filing of bonds.

9-14-10    Vacancy created by removal of officer from municipality or ward--Failure to qualify for office.

9-14-11    9-14-11. Repealed by SL 1981, ch 44, § 21.

9-14-12    Removal from office of officer appointed by governing board.

9-14-13    Removal of appointive officers.

9-14-14    Civil service ordinance--Procedure for suspension or removal of employee--Initiated ordinance required for repeal--Appeal.

9-14-15    Removal of civil service employees--Governor's authority--Appointees of city manager.

9-14-16    Members of governing body not to hold other office--Liquor license not disqualifying--Auditor or clerk not to serve as treasurer.

9-14-16.1    Voluntary service, service with annual compensation of five thousand dollars or less, and certain ambulance service permitted.

9-14-17    Records maintained by finance officer--Warrants on treasury--Expense estimates--Contracts.

9-14-18    Books of account maintained by finance officer--Signature on evidences of indebtedness.

9-14-19    Supervision of municipal accounting system.

9-14-20    Record of certificates issued for work--Schedule of special tax or assessment.

9-14-21    Examination of treasurer reports and accounts--Audit and adjustment of claims--Record of contracts.

9-14-22    Duties of city attorney.

9-14-23    Employment of attorney--Contract by ordinance or resolution.

9-14-24    Qualifications and duties of city engineer--Preservation of surveys, plans and estimates.

9-14-25    9-14-25. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 80, § 4.

9-14-26    Jurisdiction of municipal peace officers in service of process.

9-14-27    Additional duties prescribed for municipal officers.

9-14-28    Salaries and compensation of municipal officers.

9-14-29    Civil process fees accounted for by policemen.

9-14-30    Life, health and accident insurance provided for municipal officers and employees--Restriction on accident insurance.

9-14-31    Officers and employees covered by insurance authorization.

9-14-32    Appropriations authorized for cost of insurance.

9-14-33    Salary deductions for insurance participation.

9-14-34    Administration of insurance programs.

9-14-35    Inclusion of retired officers and employees and dependents of deceased officers and employees in insurance program.

9-14-35.1    Flexible spending accounts.

9-14-36    Life insurance and retirement programs authorized for municipal employees--Salary deductions--Groups covered--Required participation.

9-14-37    Neglect of duty or misconduct by municipal officer as misdemeanor--Removal from office.

9-14-38    9-14-38. Repealed by SL 1976, ch 158, § 12A-11.

9-14-39    Delivery of records and property to successor in office--Liability and penalties for refusal.

9-14-40    Housing for police officers and personnel--Terms--Rent.

9-14-41    Payment by occupant of municipal dwelling of amount equal to property tax on property.

9-14-42    Criminal background check of persons seeking employment with municipalities.

9-14-43    City fire department employees--Hours of employment.