9-3-1    Minimum population of municipalities.

9-3-1.1    Minimum distance from existing municipality--Exceptions.

9-3-2    Survey and map showing proposed municipal boundaries--Affidavit of surveyor.

9-3-3    Census of proposed municipality--Contents--Verification.

9-3-4    Survey, map, and census available for public inspection.

9-3-5    Voters' petition as application for incorporation--Number of signers required--Contents of petition--Presentation to county commissioners.

9-3-6    County commissioners' order to incorporate municipality--Name--Date for election.

9-3-7    Repealed by SL 1999, ch 37, §§ 5 to 7.

9-3-10    Balloting on question of incorporation--Majority required for incorporation.

9-3-11    Canvass and return of votes to county commissioners.

9-3-12    County commissioners' order declaring municipality incorporated--Conclusive effect.

9-3-13    Adjustment of claims and accounts between municipality and civil township.

9-3-14    Recording and filing of canvass of votes on incorporation--Registry maintained by secretary of state.

9-3-15    Repealed by SL 1974, ch 118, § 200.

9-3-17    Term of office for elected officials.

9-3-18    Election by plurality at first election--Tie vote--Certificate as to persons elected.

9-3-19    Recording by county auditor of certificate of election.

9-3-20    Regularity of incorporation questioned only by state.

9-3-21    Validation of prior incorporation of municipalities.

9-3-22    Municipality for historical or educational purposes authorized--Recording of plat.

9-3-23    Name of historical or educational municipality.

9-3-24    Exemption of historical or educational municipality from usual requirements.

9-3-25    Governing board of historical or educational municipality--Rules and regulations.

9-3-26    Historical or educational municipality--Public funds.

9-3-27    Exemption of historical or educational municipality from public control.

9-3-28    Duration of historical or educational municipality--Active operation--Maintenance of property--Loss of designation.

9-3-29    Dissolution of municipal corporation by Department of Transportation or county.