9-35-1    Street lighting--Utility poles, pipes, and other facilities in public places--Rate regulation--Municipally owned utilities.

9-35-2    Street railway tracks in first or second class municipalities--Duration of franchise--Municipality's option to purchase.

9-35-3    Grant of franchise subject to approval by voters--Exception.

9-35-4    Adoption of franchise ordinance--Publication and notice of election.

9-35-5    Majority vote of voters required for franchise.

9-35-6    Maximum duration of franchise.

9-35-7    Extension of streets, alleys, sewers, and waterworks through railroad property--Restoration of railroad property.

9-35-8    Maintenance of railroad crossings and drainage works.

9-35-9    Maintenance by railroads of safety devices at crossings--Grade changes--Fencing of right-of-way.

9-35-10    Steam, heat, and refrigeration systems--Bond issues.

9-35-11    Buses and taxis--Intercity service.

9-35-12    Municipal bus or transit service authorized--Territory serviced.

9-35-13    Petition for bus or transit service.

9-35-14    Contents of petition for bus or transit service--Conduct of election.

9-35-15    Air pollution abatement in operation of municipal bus service.

9-35-16    "Community antenna television system" defined.

9-35-17    Need for local regulation of CATV systems.

9-35-18    Regulation of CATV systems by ordinance.

9-35-19    Service requirement for CATV systems--Performance bonds--Expiration dates.

9-35-20    Quality standards for CATV systems--Regulation of rents or rates and installation charges.

9-35-21    Map of underground equipment of CATV system.

9-35-22    Occupational tax against CATV system.

9-35-23    Prior ordinances for operation of CATV systems validated.

9-35-24    Construction, maintenance, and lease of CATV system by municipality.

9-35-25    Definitions.

9-35-26    Authority of franchising authority to require franchise of cable operator--Ordinance.

9-35-27    Grant of additional franchises to other cable operators--Terms.