9-38-1. Municipal authority to maintain facilities and issue bonds--Limitations on campgrounds and tourist accommodations.

Each municipality may establish, improve, maintain, and regulate public parks, public squares, parkways, boulevards, swimming pools, camping, and other related facilities within or without the municipality, and to issue its bonds therefor, as provided by this title. A municipality may establish camping or tourist accommodation facilities if there is no existing private campground, inspected and approved by the Department of Health, located within fifteen miles of the municipality. However, a municipality may construct or expand camping or tourist accommodation facilities if there is an existing private campground within fifteen miles of the municipality if the owner of the existing campground approves the construction or expansion in writing. If the private campground has more than one owner, the owners of the private campground may only approve or refuse approval for the construction or expansion of the municipal campground or tourist accommodation facility as a group.

Camping and tourist accommodation facilities established before July 1, 1970, are deemed to have been established under the then existing authority to establish public parks, and municipalities may continue to maintain and regulate the facilities. The requirements of this section for the construction or expansion of a facility near an existing private campground do not apply to a municipality that leases camping and tourist accommodation facilities from the state which were in existence prior to January 1, 2017.

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