9-47-1    General municipal power to construct and operate systems--Separate fund--Agreements with state and federal agencies.

9-47-2    Real property in adjoining states.

9-47-3    Emergency contract for repair or replacement on complete failure of water supply.

9-47-4    Contract for waterworks system--Maximum tax levy without approval by voters.

9-47-5    Special assessments.

9-47-6    Connections from water main to lot line--Assessment.

9-47-7    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 57, § 98.

9-47-8    Classification of water pipes and mains.

9-47-9    9-47-9, 9-47-10. Repealed by SL 2009, ch 38, § 1, 2.

9-47-11    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 57, §§ 99, 100.

9-47-13    Repealed

9-47-14    Repealed

9-47-15    Repealed

9-47-16    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 57, § 101.

9-47-17    Acquisition of water mains in newly annexed area.

9-47-18    Distance between water connections.

9-47-19    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 57, § 102.

9-47-20    Municipal artesian wells authorized.

9-47-21    Operation of irrigation system authorized--Special assessments--Election on water supply--Regulation of use of water.

9-47-22    Request for rural water system to provide water service by persons living within three miles of certain municipalities--Notification and election of municipality.

9-47-23    Election of municipality to provide service after previously declining--Requirements of purchase.

9-47-24    Election to provide service to persons being served by rural water system--Purchase of facilities.

9-47-25    Election to provide service to persons within extended areas as a result of annexation, consolidation, or incorporation.

9-47-26    Election to provide service to persons outside three-mile area.

9-47-27    Certain matters negotiable for contract between parties.

9-47-28    Connection of plumbing fixtures to public water supply system--Purchase or lease of preexisting private wells by municipalities--Exemption of first class municipalities.

9-47-29    Assessment of property for proportionate share of water line previously constructed--Apportionment among persons paying cost.