9-54-8. Lease or sale payments sufficient to pay bonds and costs--Payments in lieu of property taxes.

Revenue agreements pursuant to § 9-54-3.1 shall provide for contractual payments sufficient to pay the principal, premium, if any, and interest on any bonds issued by the municipality under the resolution or ordinance or trust indenture, when due or subject to mandatory redemption, and also to pay all taxes, special assessments and other governmental charges levied or imposed with respect to the project, and to pay all costs of insurance, operation, and maintenance thereof. The agreements shall also reimburse the municipality for the cost of any other obligation assumed by the municipality in connection with the project. Revenue agreements in the form of a lease or sale contract shall further provide for payment of a sum equal to the amount of property taxes which would be due if the lessee or purchaser were the owner of the project, to be prorated among the taxing districts involved and taking into consideration reductions permitted pursuant to § 10-6-137 for the term of the agreement.

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