9-55-1      Definition of terms.
9-55-2      Imposition of special assessment or general business license and occupation tax.
9-55-3      Uses to which generated funds may be put.
9-55-4      Creation of business improvement district--Established business area.
9-55-5      Appointment of business improvement board--Designation of boundaries of district--Duties of board--Proposal of more than one district as part of same development plan.
9-55-6      Composition of board--Vacancies--Terms--Officers.
9-55-7      Creation of districts by resolution of intent--Contents--Basis of occupation tax or special assessment.
9-55-8      Notice of hearing.
9-55-9      Petition for hearing.
9-55-10      Duties of governing body at hearing--Termination of hearing--Issuance of bonds for convention center from proceeds of general occupational tax.
9-55-11      Procedure for change of boundaries.
9-55-12      Establishment or rejection of districts--Adoption of ordinance establishing district--Contents.
9-55-13      Special assessment against real property located in district--Procedure.
9-55-14      Levy of general business occupation tax in addition to or in place of special assessments.
9-55-15      Procedure for implementation of tax.
9-55-16      Reassessment or changes in rate of levy of special assessment or occupation tax--Procedure.
9-55-17      Limitations on amount of assessments or taxes.
9-55-18      Purpose of taxation or assessment by municipality--Limitations on taxation and assessment--Method of taxation or assessment.
9-55-18.1      Issuance and sale of bonds--Permissible uses of proceeds--Business improvement district to remain in effect.
9-55-19      Procedure for abolishment of district.
9-55-20      Disposition of proceeds of tax or assessment upon abolishment.
9-55-21      Use of donated funds or grants.
9-55-22      Dissolution of district imposing occupational tax on rooms rented.