§ 18.   Compensation of military and war relief personnel--Maximum indebtedness. The Legislature shall be authorized to provide by law for compensating honorably discharged soldiers, sailors, marines, and others, who have served with the armed forces of the United States, or who have engaged in war relief work in the World's War, or other wars of the United States, including former American citizens, who served in allied armies against the central powers in the World's War and who have been honorably discharged and repatriated; such compensation not to exceed the sum of fifteen dollars per month for the period of such service. For this purpose the Legislature may use the credit of the state, and any indebtedness created for this purpose shall not be a part of the indebtedness authorized or limited by other provisions of the Constitution; provided, that the amount of all indebtedness created by the state for the purposes specified in this section shall not exceed six million dollars.

History: Section proposed by SL 1920 (SS), ch 36, adopted Nov., 1920.