1.      State enterprises--Legislative vote required--Defense of state--Rural credits--Maximum indebtedness.
2.      Maximum state debt--Irrepealable tax to repay.
3.      State debt as in addition to territorial debt.
4.      Debt limitations for municipalities and political subdivisions.
5.      Irrepealable tax to repay debt of municipality or political subdivision.
6.      Adjustment of debts and liabilities of territory of Dakota.
7.      Obligation of state to pay proportion of territorial debt.
8.      Refunding bond issue authorized for territorial debt payment.
9.      Road construction and coal supply by state.
10.      State cement enterprises.
11.      State pledge to fund cement enterprises.
12.      State electric power enterprises.
13.      State pledge to fund electric power enterprises.
14.      State coal mining enterprises.
15.      State pledge to fund coal enterprises.
16.      Works of internal improvement--State indebtedness.
17.      Home loans by state--Debt limitation inapplicable.
18.      Compensation of military and war relief personnel--Maximum indebtedness.
19.      Bonus paid to veterans and deceased veterans' dependents.
20.      Trust fund created with proceeds from sale of state cement enterprises--Investment.
21.      Transfers from trust fund to general fund in support of education.