1.      Special corporation laws prohibited--State-controlled corporations excepted.
2.      Invalidation of charters without bona fide organization and business.
3.      Laws for benefit of corporation as conditioned on compliance with Constitutional provision.
4.      Corporations subject to eminent domain--Police power.
5.      Casting of votes for directors or managers.
6.      Place of business and authorized agent required of foreign corporation.
7.      Business to be expressed in charter--Real estate restricted.
8.      Stocks and bonds--Indebtedness increase.
9.      Legislature's power to alter, revise, or annul corporate charters--Creation, renewal, or extension.
10.      Local consent required for grant of street railroad right.
11.      Construction and maintenance of telegraph lines--Controlling interest in competing company prohibited.
12.      Railroad corporations.
13.      Movable property of railroad corporation considered personalty--Execution and sale.
14.      Consolidation of railroad lines--Forfeiture of charter for evasion of provisions.
15.      Railways and rail companies declared public highways and common carriers--Regulation of rates.
16.      Right to construct and operate railroad--Passengers, tonnage, and cars.
17.      Rate discrimination prevention.
18.      Compensation for private property taken for public use--Assessment of damages.
19.      Corporations defined.
20.      Monopolies and trusts prohibited--Combinations in restraint of trade--Legislative powers.
21.      Corporate or syndicate farming prohibited--Definitions--Restrictions.
22.      Restrictions--Application.
23.      Loss of qualification--Requalification or dissolution.
24.      Annual report--Violations--Action and enforcement.