§ 21.   Form of ballot. The following form of ballot is adopted:
Constitutional Ticket


     All persons desiring to vote for the Constitution, or for any of the articles submitted to a separate vote, may erase the word "No."
     All persons who desire to vote against the Constitution, or any articles separately submitted may erase the word "Yes."
     For the Constitution: Yes. No.
     For Prohibition: Yes. No.
     For Minority Representation: Yes. No.
     For ____ as the temporary seat of government.
For Governor.

For Lieutenant Governor.

For Secretary of State.

For Auditor.

For Treasurer.

For Attorney General.

For Superintendent of Public Instruction.

For Commissioner of School and Public Lands.

For Judges of the Supreme Court.

     First District __________
     Second District __________
     Third District __________
For Judge of the Circuit Court ____ Circuit.

For Representatives in Congress.

For State Senator.

For Representative in the Legislature.

For County Judge.