1.      Continuation of prior writs, actions, claims, and bodies corporate--Validation of previously issued process.
2.      Fines, forfeitures, and escheats of territory to accrue to state.
3.      Recognizances, bonds, obligations, and undertakings--Criminal prosecutions and penal actions.
4.      Civil and military officers.
5.      Election of Constitution and state officers--Ballots.
6.      Election for temporary seat of government.
7.      Conduct of election.
8.      Election returns.
9.      Canvass of vote--Filing with county clerks or auditors.
10.      Certification of senator or representative from multi-county district.
11.      Delivery of returns to proper state officer--Certification to president--Proclamation of election result--Lists of elected officers--Certificates of election.
12.      Apportionment of state Legislature--Number of senators and representatives initially elected.
13.      First assembly of Legislature--Oaths of office.
14.      Election of two United States senators--Two representatives.
15.      Adjournment after election of senators--Next meeting.
16.      Legislature and officers to exercise necessary and authorized powers only pending admission of state into union.
17.      Validity of ordinances and schedule.
18.      Freedom of religion--Public lands--Indian lands--Uniformity of taxation--Territorial debt--Public schools--Federal reservations--Irrevocability.
19.      Tenure of elected officers.
20.      Time of general election.
21.      Form of ballot.
22.      Enrollment of Constitution--Delivery to secretary of state--Inclusion in state laws--Copy to President of United States.
23.      Agreement by joint commission concerning territorial records, books, and archives.