1.      Inherent rights.
2.      Due process--Right to work.
3.      Freedom of religion--Support of religion prohibited.
4.      Right of petition and peaceable assembly.
5.      Freedom of speech--Truth as defense--Jury trial.
6.      Jury trial--Reduced jury--Three-fourths vote.
7.      Rights of accused.
8.      Right to bail--Habeas corpus.
9.      Self-incrimination--Double jeopardy.
10.      Indictment or information--Modification or abolishment of grand jury.
11.      Search and seizure.
12.      Ex post facto laws--Impairment of contract obligations--Privilege or immunity.
13.      Private property not taken without just compensation--Benefit to owner--Fee in highways.
14.      Resident aliens' property rights.
15.      Imprisonment for debt.
16.      Military subordinate to civil power--Quartering of soldiers.
17.      Taxation without consent--Uniformity.
18.      Equal privileges or immunities.
19.      Free and equal elections--Right of suffrage--Soldier voting.
20.      Courts open--Remedy for injury.
21.      Suspension of laws prohibited.
22.      Attainder by Legislature prohibited.
23.      Excessive bail or fines--Cruel punishments.
24.      Right to bear arms.
25.      Treason.
26.      Power inherent in people--Alteration in form of government--Inseparable part of Union.
27.      Maintenance of free government--Fundamental principles.
28.      Right to vote by secret ballot.
29.      Rights of crime victim.