1.      Uniform system of free public schools.
2.      Perpetual trust fund for maintenance of public schools--Principal inviolate.
3.      Fund income apportioned among schools--Apportionment of fines.
4.      Sale of school lands--Appraisal.
5.      Terms of sale of school lands.
6.      Conduct of sales of school lands--Conveyance of right or title.
7.      Perpetual trust fund from proceeds of grants and gifts.
8.      Appraisal and sale of donated lands--Separate accounts.
9.      Lease of school lands.
10.      Trespassers' claims to public lands not recognized--Improvements not compensated.
11.      Investment of permanent educational funds.
12.      Disapproval by Governor of sale, lease or investment.
13.      Audit of losses to permanent educational funds--Permanent debt--Interest.
14.      Protection and defense of school lands.
15.      Taxation to support school system--Classification of property.
16.      Public support of sectarian instruction prohibited.
17.      Interest in sale of school equipment prohibited.
18.      Apportionment of mineral leasing moneys--Amounts covered into permanent funds.
19.      Mineral rights reserved to state--Leases permitted.
20.      Loan of nonsectarian textbooks to all school children.