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CHAPTER 20:18:17



20:18:17:01        Definitions.

20:18:17:01.01   Operator responsibilities.

20:18:17:02        Control program requirements.

20:18:17:03        Meters.

20:18:17:04        Randomness events.

20:18:17:05        Basic slot machine specifications.

20:18:17:05.01   Slot machine specifications -- Ownership identification.

20:18:17:06        Slot machine specifications -- Safety requirements.

20:18:17:07        Slot machine specifications -- Surge protector.

20:18:17:08        Slot machine specifications -- On and off switch.

20:18:17:09        Slot machine specifications -- Coin acceptors.

20:18:17:09.01   Slot machine specifications -- Bill acceptors.

20:18:17:10        Slot machine specifications -- Automatic light -- Alarm.

20:18:17:11        Slot machine specifications -- Access to interior.

20:18:17:12        Slot machine specifications -- Hardware switches.

20:18:17:13        Slot machine specifications -- Display of rules of play.

20:18:17:14        Slot machine specifications -- Electrostatic discharges.

20:18:17:15        Slot machine specifications -- Power supply filter.

20:18:17:16        Slot machine specifications -- Tilt conditions -- Automatic clearing.

20:18:17:17        Slot machine specifications -- Tilt conditions -- Clearing by attendant.

20:18:17:18        Slot machine specifications -- Hopper  mechanism.

20:18:17:18.01   Slot machine specifications -- Printers.

20:18:17:18.02   Repealed.

20:18:17:19        Slot machine specifications -- Communication protocol.

20:18:17:20        Slot machine specifications -- Credits.

20:18:17:21        Software requirements for randomness testing.

20:18:17:22        Software requirements for percentage payout.

20:18:17:23        Software requirements for continuation of game after malfunction.

20:18:17:24        Progressive slot machines defined.

20:18:17:24.01   Linked machines.

20:18:17:24.02   Monitoring of progressive slot machines and meter sign reconciliation.

20:18:17:24.03   Requirements for progressive controller.

20:18:17:24.04   Progressive jackpot.

20:18:17:24.05   Multiple linkage of progressive slot machine.

20:18:17:24.06   Alternating displays.

20:18:17:24.07   Progressive meter information.

20:18:17:24.08   Separate software meter for a progressive slot machine.

20:18:17:24.09   Separate key and key switch for resetting progressive meters.

20:18:17:24.10   Limits on jackpot of progressive slot machines.

20:18:17:24.11   Annuities.

20:18:17:24.12   Security for payment of annuity, cash, or other prize with cash value exceeding $100,000.

20:18:17:24.13   Discontinuance of progressive slot machine -- Transfer of progressive prizes.

20:18:17:24.14   Central controlling and accounting systems.

20:18:17:24.15   Performance bond.

20:18:17:24.16   Cash requirements.

20:18:17:24.17   Requirements apply to single machines.

20:18:17:24.18   Defaults.

20:18:17:25        Drop bucket.

20:18:17:26        Keys to drop bucket.

20:18:17:27        Slot machine keys.

20:18:17:28        Jackpot payouts and hand pays.

20:18:17:28.01   Required tax records.

20:18:17:28.02   Publication of payoffs.

20:18:17:28.03   Awards in addition to or in lieu of jackpot.

20:18:17:28.04   Discontinuance of prizes.

20:18:17:29        Slot machine drop procedures.

20:18:17:30        Count team.

20:18:17:31        Repealed.

20:18:17:32        Count room procedures.

20:18:17:33        Theoretical hold -- Actual hold.

20:18:17:34        Machine repair requirements.

20:18:17:35        Slot machine fill procedures.

20:18:17:36        Executive secretary approval of slot machine and device stamp transfers.

20:18:17:37        Multiple player slot machines.

20:18:17:38        Use of slot machine payout receipts and slot machine wagering vouchers.

20:18:17:39        Cashless systems -- Defined.

20:18:17:39.01   Phases of certification.

20:18:17:40        Slot machines in a cashless environment.

20:18:17:40.01   Configuring cashless transactions on a slot machine.

20:18:17:40.02   Audit trails for cashless transactions.

20:18:17:40.03   Meter requirements for cashless slot machines and systems.

20:18:17:40.04   Transaction confirmation.

20:18:17:40.05   Error conditions.

20:18:17:40.06   Transfer of transactions.

20:18:17:40.07   Identifying a cashless device.

20:18:17:41        Host system in a cashless environment.

20:18:17:41.01   Modification of player information.

20:18:17:41.02   Balance adjustments.

20:18:17:41.03   Security levels.

20:18:17:41.04   Prevention of unauthorized transactions.

20:18:17:41.05   Diagnostic tests on a cashless slot machine.

20:18:17:41.06   Smart card technology.

20:18:17:41.07   Loss of communication.

20:18:17:41.08   Encryption.

20:18:17:41.09   Host system logs.

20:18:17:41.10   Host system reports.

20:18:17:41.11   Monetary transactions.

20:18:17:41.12   Adding money to a player's account.

20:18:17:41.13   Removing money from a player's account.

20:18:17:41.14   Movement of money.

20:18:17:41.15   Personal identification number.

20:18:17:41.16   Player account balance.

20:18:17:41.17   Independent integrity checks.

20:18:17:42        Server-supported gaming system requirements.

          Declaratory Ruling: The Shufflemaster Table Master game is approved for sale and use in South Dakota as a slot machine and the same is a single game pursuant to South Dakota law and shall be taxed at the rate of a single device. The Commission does further declare and determine that the software application for the Blackjack and Three-Card Poker formats are approved and that further software applicants shall also be approved upon approval by Gaming Laboratories International and the appropriate filing with the South Dakota Commission on Gaming. South Dakota Commission on Gaming Declaratory Ruling dated March 25, 2005.

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