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24:01                  South Dakota Board of Education, Repealed.

24:02                  Teacher certification, Superseded.

24:03                  School accreditation.

24:04                  Sites for school buildings, Repealed.

24:05                  Special education.

24:06                  School buses.

24:07                  Student due process.

24:08                  Professional teachers ethics.

24:09                  Educational cooperatives, Repealed.

24:10                  Career and technical education.

24:11                  Professional administrators ethics.

24:12                  Community education, Repealed.

24:13                  Modernizing K-12 education, Repealed.

24:14                  Early intervention program.

24:15                  National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and National School Counselor certification.

24:16                  Teacher preparation program approval, Transferred or Repealed.

24:17                  General state aid.

24:18                  Certificate denial and discipline procedures.

24:19                  Teacher education program approval, Repealed.

24:20                  Board of Regents, Repealed.

24:21                  University of South Dakota, Reserved.

24:22                  USD - Springfield, Reserved.

24:23                  South Dakota State University, Reserved.

24:24                  School of Mines and Technology, Reserved.

24:25                  Northern State University, Reserved.

24:26                  Black Hills State University, Reserved.

24:27                  Dakota State University, Reserved.

24:28                  Educator Certification.

24:29                  Reserved.

24:30                  State Library.

24:31 to 24:39   Reserved.

24:40                  Scholarships and grants.

24:41                  Mentoring.

24:42                  State accountability system, Repealed.

24:43                  Accreditation and school improvement.

24:44                  School Finance Accountability.

24:45 to 24:49   Reserved.

24:53                  Teacher preparation program approval.

24:54                  Teacher compensation program, Repealed.

24:55                  Public school accountability system.

24:56                  Cooperation in education.

24:57                  Teacher performance standards and evaluation.

24:58                  Principal performance standards and evaluation.

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