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20:01                  Commercial inspection and licensing.

20:15                  Petroleum specifications.

24:06                  School buses.

44:05                  Ambulance operation.

50:02                  Emergency management.

61:01                  Administration of department, Void.

61:02                  Vehicle licensing, Transferred to Articles 64:28 and 64:29.

61:03                  Vehicle regulation, Transferred to Article 64:32.

61:04                  Motor vehicle safety inspection, Void.

61:05                  Motor vehicle equipment, Void.

61:06                  Medical standards for drivers' licenses.

61:07                  Brand board, Transferred to Article 12:10.

61:08                  Boilers.

61:09                  Use of explosives for protection of sunflowers, Repealed.

61:10                  Flammable liquids, Repealed.

61:11                  Gas piping systems, Repealed.

61:12                  Liquid petroleum gas, Repealed.

61:13                  School fire safety, Repealed or transferred.

61:14                  School bus drivers' licenses, Repealed.

61:15                  Fire safety.

61:16                  Motorcycle education.

61:17                  Fees for movement of oversize vehicles, Transferred to Article 64:31.

61:18                  Drivers' licenses.

61:19                  Restricted licenses.

61:20                  Criminal justice commission, Void.

61:21                  Motor vehicle registration, Transferred to Article 64:29.

61:22                  Handicapped parking, Transferred to Article 64:34.

61:23                  Motor carrier safety and transportation of hazardous materials.

61:25                  Commercial driver licenses.

61:26                  Driver license fees.

61:27 to 61:29   Reserved.

61:30                  Repealed.

61:31                  Nonprofit bus.

61:32                  Administration of department.

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