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20:59                  Social Workers.

20:60                  Psychologists.

20:80                  Addiction and prevention professionals.

20:85                  Behavior analysts.

46:20                  Mental health.

67:01 to 67:09   Reserved.

67:10                  Temporary assistance to needy families.

67:11                  Office of secretary.

67:12                  Assistance payments.

67:13                  Supplemental nutrition assistance program.

67:14                  Child protection services.

67:15                  Low income energy assistance.

67:16                  Covered medical services.

67:17                  Office administration.

67:18                  Child support enforcement.

67:19                  Catastrophic county poor relief, Transferred to Article 22:02.

67:20                  Mental health, Transferred to Article 46:20.

67:21                  Title XX services, Transferred to Chapter 67:20:15.

67:22                  Auxiliary placement program.

67:23                  Reserved.

67:24                  Division of mental health, Repealed.

67:25                  Developmental disabilities services, Transferred to Article 46:14.

67:26                  Adjustment training center standards, Repealed.

67:27                  Standards for community living facilities for developmentally disabled adults, Repealed.

67:28                  Community facility standards, Repealed.

67:29                  Advocacy services, Transferred to Article 46:12.

67:30                  Division of rehabilitation services, Transferred to Title 71.

67:31 to 67:39    Reserved.

67:40                  Office of adult services and aging.

67:41                  Children and youth, Transferred to Article 67:42.

67:42                  Regulatory administration.

67:43                  Office of reservation children, Transferred to Chapter 67:14:37.

67:44                  Home and community-based services waiver operated by the Division of Adult Services and Aging

67:45                  Nursing facility level of care and claims.

67:46                  Eligibility for medical services.

67:47                  Child care services.

67:48                  Recoveries and investigations.

67:49                  Enforcement of remedies for nursing facility deficiencies.

67:50                  Board of charities and corrections, Transferred to Title 17.

67:51                  Juvenile corrections, Transferred to Title 17.

67:52                  Adult corrections, Transferred to Title 17.

67:53                  Youth services program, Repealed.

67:54                  Medical programs administered by Department of Human Services.

67:55                  Crime victims' compensation.

67:56                  Domestic violence and sexual assault programs.

67:57                  Sales tax on food refund program.

67:58 and 67:59Reserved.

67:60                  Pardons and paroles, Transferred to Title 17.

67:61                  Substance use disorders.

67:62                  Mental health.

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