Property Tax & Assessment

SB 2Flooded lands, specifies assessment guidelines.
SB 70Median level of assessment, sets method of calculation.
SB 90Excess tax levy, allows a one-year limitation.
SB 91Local taxing districts' budget index factor, allows carry-forward of unused.
SB 95Property assessment freeze for elderly & disabled, revises income limits.
SB 98Property tax assessment freeze for elderly and disabled persons, revises.
SB 99Excess property tax levy, restricts time for imposing.
SB 103Assessment of agricultural property, exempts sales of 80 acres or less from comparative valuations.
SB 125Tax-exempt property, changes publication requirements.
SB 149School districts not operating a K-12 schools, requires reorganization.
SB 180Railroad property, revises formula to assign values by county.
SB 190Special education funds, redistributes.
SB 191Payment of school construction bonds, allocates by property classifications.
SB 192School districts' capitol outlay funds, requires levies based on use of property.
SB 232Property tax bills, requires certain information.
SB 233School districts' tax levies, reduces.
SB 238Tax refunds for elderly and disabled, makes appropriation.
HJR 1007Income taxes, proposes constitutional amendment to provide other tax relief.
HB 1002Agricultural land classification, uses all three criteria.
HB 1016Assessment of property, uses current versus highest and best use.
HB 1017Property assessments, limits yearly increases.
HB 1051Manufactured housing, specifies which are classified as real property.
HB 1069Agricultural land, limits valuation of certain extraordinary sales.
HB 1073School transportation, authorizes additional mill levy.
HB 1074Rural fire protection districts tax requests, amends date of submission.
HB 1080Property assessment freeze for elderly persons, increases income limits.
HB 1091Assessment valuations, prohibits appeals by public entities.
HB 1104Contracting school districts not receiving state aid, exempts from certain tax requirements.
HB 1124Video lottery, replaces with increased sales tax.
HB 1130Congregate housing, removes property tax exemption.
HB 1158Property tax receipts, requires request for issuance.
HB 1167County assessment appeals, clarifies filing requirement.
HB 1183Sales tax, increases to provide property, inheritance and contractors' excise tax relief.
HB 1202Land leased to state for public hunting, provides limited property tax relief.
HB 1220GF&P land, classifies as nonagricultural.
HB 1228Property tax relies, allows certain waiver of filing date.
HB 1233Classification of certain agricultural land, repeals unconstitutional provision.
HB 1237Property tax levies for schools' general funds, amends rates.
HB 1238Telecommunications services, taxes gross receipts.
HB 1245Mobile and manufactured homes, allows property tax-relief even if taxes are not paid on time.
HB 1255Railroad tax credit for construction and improvements, revises.
HB 1284Valuation of agricultural land, uses size and location as factors.
HB 1292Nonagricultural lands, reclassifies certain properties.
HB 1293Sales tax, increases to provide other tax relief.
HB 1297Taxable value of agricultural land, limits.
HB 1323Municipal assessments outside city limits, allows certain.

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