Joint Resolutions

SJR 1Inheritance tax prohibited.
SJR 2Revises procedure to set value of property.
SJR 3Limits income tax to banks, financial corporations or precious metals.
SJR 4Proposes four year terms and twelve year term limits.
SJR 5Proposes to use acquisition value as the method to assess property and allows 1% increase in value each year.
SJR 6Corporate income tax proposed.
HJR 1001Proposes an amendment to the Constitution to use the acquisition value of property to assess the value of property.
HJR 1002Corporate and personal income tax created, sales and use tax exemption created, property tax relief funded and state aid to education increased.
HJR 1003Proposes twelve year term limits.
HJR 1004Proposes corporate income tax.
HJR 1005Allows for more than one classifcation of agricultural property
HJR 1006Proposes 37 day session.
HJR 1007Proposes an amendment to the Constitution to allow local initiatives to provide for the cooperation and organization of local government.
HJR 1008Revises legislative terms and term limits.

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