SJR 1Permanent school funds, investments revised.
SJR 2Income tax on individuals or corporations prohibited, income tax on banks or financial corporations allowed.
SJR 3Constitutional amendment to allow the state to own an agricultural processing plant.
SJR 4Offices of Treasurer and School and Public Lands, combined.
SJR 5Proposing an amendment to increase the percent of qualified electors required to invoke either the initiative or the referendum.
SB 14Polling places, the time for opening and closing, revised.
SB 15Election board members, the procedure to appoint, revised.
SB 16A candidate's financial statement, filing period revised.
SB 92Initiated measures, period to circulate petitions before election revised.
SB 103Municipal government, process to change form revised.
SB 135Game, Fish and Parks, department secretary elected.
HJR 1001Term limits increased.
HJR 1002Corporate income tax.
HJR 1003Individual and corporate income tax submitted to electors.
HJR 1004Amendment to constitution proposed to limit the manner that circuit court judges may be transferred and circuit boundaries changed.
HJR 1005Electors to consider amendment to constitution relating to the rights of the accused.
HB 1151Campaign funds may not be converted for personal use.
HB 1164Campaign contributions, limit on nonresident contributions.
HB 1182Gaming licenses, person with license may not make a political contribution.
HB 1225State campaign laws revised.
HB 1231Independent presidential candidates, time to file nominating petitions revised.
HB 1235Public property, use for political purposes prohibited.
HB 1248Secretary of the Department of Education and Cultural Affairs to be elected.
HB 1250Campaign finance reform, public employers prohibited from making certain deductions.
HB 1275Union representation, vote required for public employee union to win election revised.
HB 1313Smoking in public places prohibited, referred to vote.

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