Bills Sponsored

Jerry Apa

Primary Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1192 revise the property tax revenue base for counties.
HB 1227 appropriate money to Black Hills Forest High School.
HB 1245 revise the provisions concerning the licensing, assessment, and taxation of manufactured homes.
HB 1256 provide that students who graduate early be counted in a school district's average daily membership for the entire school term.
HB 1270 allow certain persons to administer epinephrine in certain circumstances.
HB 1271 provide grants to certain court-appointed special advocate programs and to make an appropriation therefor.
HB 1284 revise the elements of the crime of passing a check against insufficient funds.
HB 1294 provide a financial incentive for school districts to consolidate.
SB 212 revise certain provisions regarding reduced tuition for certain state employees.
SB 213 revise certain provisions regarding longevity compensation for state employees.
SB 214 establish a telecommunications gross receipts tax, to provide for its distribution, and to repeal certain property taxes and certain gross receipts taxes paid by certain telecommunications companies.
SCR 3 Supporting the conversion of the underground mine and portions of the surface mining facilities at Homestake Mine in Lead, South Dakota, to a National Underground Science Laboratory operated by the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for the National Science Foundation.

Co Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1085 define whether an operator is subject to pay the cost of certain notifications from the one-call notification system.
HB 1090 provide for maintenance of and accessibility to concealed pistol permit information by law enforcement.
HB 1111 provide for alternative teacher certification.
HB 1117 provide for the issuance of a motor vehicle title under certain conditions to a person who has repaired a motor vehicle and has not been paid.
HB 1132 require that certain county assessment records be made available to local equalization boards.
HB 1146 create the position of state wildland fire coordinator and to transfer forest fire suppression activities from the state forester to the state wildland fire coordinator.
HB 1158 reallocate a certain portion of state aid to education.
HB 1163 exempt certain membership fees from sales and use tax.
HB 1191 revise and clarify who may carry a firearm on a motorcycle or off-road vehicle.
HB 1203 appropriate money for the Northern Crops Institute and to declare an emergency.
HB 1217 authorize certain higher education tuition reciprocity with the state of North Dakota.
HB 1239 authorize certain persons to carry handguns who are authorized to carry handguns in other states.
HB 1251 assign a rebuttable presumption that certain electors are not qualified when signing petitions.
HB 1252 establish a statewide voter registration file, to make an appropriation therefor and to declare an emergency.
HB 1297 transfer funds from the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission gross receipts tax fund for home heating assistance funding, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.
HC 1007 Commending and honoring the 1999-2000 Outstanding School Administrators of South Dakota: Dr. Joseph Gertsema, Yankton, School Superintendents Association; Rick Hohn, Watertown, Business Officials Association; Anja Hoekman, Sioux Falls, Elementary School Principals Association; Terry Nebelsick, Huron, Secondary School Principals Association; Larry Janish, DeSmet, Secondary School Principals Association; Dr. Merry Bleeker, Mitchell, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development; and David Jewett, Spearfish, South Dakota Council of Administrators of Special Education for being named outstanding administrators by their respective administrator parent groups.
HCR 1020 Urging the Administration and Congress to prohibit packers from feeding and owning livestock.
HCR 1025 Requesting that the Governor of the State of South Dakota, along with the Legislature, continue to take appropriate fire prevention measures to address the catastrophic fire risk that exists on the federally-held national forests and state lands of South Dakota.
HJR 1005 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election a new section to Article XI of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to the imposition of a corporate income tax.
SB 85 prohibit certain persons from receiving a permit to carry a concealed pistol.
SB 95 revise the requirements for delivery of certificate of title involving a used vehicle.
SB 96 reduce the capitalization rate for a nonagricultural acreage.
SB 101 require sales and use tax paid to be deducted from the gross receipts to determine the contractors' excise tax.
SB 109 make the refund the payment of certain inheritance tax collections.
SB 111 allow for binding arbitration for school districts and employees under certain circumstances.
SB 116 repeal the statutes concerning the imposition of the inheritance tax.
SB 124 allow for the deposit of certain funds and for the repayment of certain contracts relating to energy savings.
SB 125 clarify workers' compensation coverage for uncompensated volunteers and prisoners.
SB 126 clarify the survey requirements for sanitary districts.
SB 133 establish certain civil penalties for overweight vehicle violations and to provide for the disposition of the civil penalties.
SB 170 remove the fee for special vehicle license plates for firefighters.
SB 174 provide for a refund of certain taxes attributed to the construction of a new or expanded wind energy generation facilities.
SB 177 impose an excise tax on the gross receipts of wireless, cellular, and personal communications system telephone companies.
SB 198 establish a girls' basketball season.
SB 202 revise certain provisions regarding visitation rights for grandparents.
SB 216 prohibit certain signage and advertisement of the video lottery.
SB 219 permit municipalities to issue a temporary on-sale license during certain large events.
SB 228 provide for DNA testing for certain inmates for the purposes of determining whether they may have been wrongfully convicted.
SC 3 Commending and honoring South Dakotans who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps.
SC 8 Honoring the memory of Captain Donald Smith, United States Army Air Corps.
SC 9 Honoring the memory of Thomas Anthony Francis Iversen and his forty-six years of life.
SC 11 Honoring and supporting the non-Muslim minorities of India's Kashmir: Pandits, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Christians.
SCR 8 Supporting programs that bring communities together to examine their demographic pasts and futures and that encourage them to look beyond traditional barriers to find practical solutions to the problems they face.
SCR 9 Expressing support for the electoral college.
SCR 11 Expressing the Legislature's condolences upon the death of Laska Schoenfelder.

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