Bills Sponsored

Clarence L Kooistra

Primary Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1081 require the installation of certain guide signs on the interstate highway system and state highway system.
HB 1082 revise certain provisions regarding insurance premium discounts for persons fifty-five years of age or older who complete a safe driving course.
HB 1142 amend the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2001.
HB 1143 establish a regents scholars program and to make an appropriation therefor.
HB 1144 revise certain provisions relating to child custody.
HB 1189 revise the method for determining average daily membership as it applies to the state aid to education formula.
HB 1276 require historical or educational municipal corporations to maintain their property.
SB 104 provide that the spouse be appointed guardian in certain circumstances.
SB 111 allow for binding arbitration for school districts and employees under certain circumstances.
SB 129 require school boards to notify the parent or guardian of each student being taught by an uncertified teacher or by a certified teacher who is not certified to teach that particular course or grade.
SB 159 impose an additional tax on certain alcoholic beverages and to distribute the revenue to counties.
SB 171 reduce the sales and use tax on food.
SB 220 revise certain provisions relating to the suspension of students from extracurricular activities for certain drug and marijuana offenses.
SB 227 provide for collection of data and information concerning electronic commerce.
SB 251 provide benefit improvements for the members of the South Dakota Retirement System.

Co Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1001 revise certain sales and use tax provisions.
HB 1071 revise the time criterion for the termination of certain liens and encumbrances.
HB 1106 revise the classes of investments available for state funds.
HB 1107 create the South Dakota senior citizen pharmaceutical assistance program and to provide an appropriation therefor.
HB 1114 revise certain voting and participation requirements related to bond issues involving two or more political subdivisions.
HB 1117 provide for the issuance of a motor vehicle title under certain conditions to a person who has repaired a motor vehicle and has not been paid.
HB 1118 extend the time period during which previous driving while intoxicated convictions may be considered for determining subsequent offenses.
HB 1132 require that certain county assessment records be made available to local equalization boards.
HB 1141 impose a severance tax on the quarrying of certain minerals.
HB 1147 revise certain eligibility restrictions relating to secondary school extracurricular activities.
HB 1152 revise the index factor in the state aid to education formula.
HB 1156 permit the consolidation of certain special elections on referendum petitions with the special election on April 10, 2001, and to declare an emergency.
HB 1162 make an appropriation for children of alumni scholarships.
HB 1163 exempt certain membership fees from sales and use tax.
HB 1167 place certain requirements on sales of prescription drugs.
HB 1168 award grants to certain school districts.
HB 1171 provide funding to school districts for operating a school term greater than one hundred seventy-five days.
HB 1178 require health insurers who restrict access to providers to provide point of service coverage.
HB 1179 authorize the assignment of health insurance proceeds to health care providers.
HB 1181 place certain restrictions on the excusing of students from school attendance to receive alternative instruction.
HB 1182 limit inmate telephone charges.
HB 1186 exempt certain residential utilities from sales and use tax and to declare an emergency.
HB 1196 authorize the funding of textbooks through the school capital outlay fund.
HB 1197 nullify certain increases in high school graduation requirements.
HB 1206 provide for a refund of tuition for certain teachers.
HB 1215 repeal the prohibition of certain disclosures by a state agency of information concerning a private entity.
HB 1216 revise the procedure for filing for a property tax credit for renewable resource energy systems.
HB 1217 authorize certain higher education tuition reciprocity with the state of North Dakota.
HB 1239 authorize certain persons to carry handguns who are authorized to carry handguns in other states.
HB 1246 prohibit the occupation of a motor vehicle knowing that any controlled drug or substance is illegally being stored or used therein and to provide penalties therefor.
HB 1251 assign a rebuttable presumption that certain electors are not qualified when signing petitions.
HB 1252 establish a statewide voter registration file, to make an appropriation therefor and to declare an emergency.
HB 1256 provide that students who graduate early be counted in a school district's average daily membership for the entire school term.
HB 1266 allow a day started late due to inclement weather to constitute a full school day.
HB 1267 eliminate the confidentiality provisions concerning certain video lottery information and require certain reports.
HB 1297 transfer funds from the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission gross receipts tax fund for home heating assistance funding, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.
HC 1001 Honoring and supporting Czech Days in Tabor, South Dakota, on the occasion of its fifty-third anniversary.
HC 1004 Honoring the Tripp-Delmont Wildcats High School football team and the students and staff involved in the football program.
HC 1013 Recognizing and commending the South Dakota Highland Festival in Scotland, South Dakota.
HC 1014 Recognizing the Menno Pioneer Power Show.
HC 1016 Recognizing and commending the 43rd Annual Schmeckfest in Freeman, South Dakota, on March 29, 30, and 31, 2001.
HC 1017 Recognizing and commending the Kuchen Festival in Delmont, South Dakota.
HCR 1014 Urging awareness and support for reading and reading programs in our homes and communities.
HCR 1024 In support of the use of biodiesel fuel.
HCR 1025 Requesting that the Governor of the State of South Dakota, along with the Legislature, continue to take appropriate fire prevention measures to address the catastrophic fire risk that exists on the federally-held national forests and state lands of South Dakota.
HCR 1026 Urging South Dakota's United States Senators and Representative to authorize and appropriate funds to support the expansion of utility and roadway infrastructure in conjunction with the construction of Interstate Highway 90, Exit 67 and the arterial road servicing Ellsworth Air Force Base and the City of Box Elder, South Dakota.
HJR 1005 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election a new section to Article XI of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to the imposition of a corporate income tax.
SB 67 allow a school district to deposit the proceeds from the sale of surplus property into its capital outlay fund.
SB 91 exempt certain school district employees from the requirement for certain background checks.
SB 101 require sales and use tax paid to be deducted from the gross receipts to determine the contractors' excise tax.
SB 102 revise certain provisions regarding the eligibility of Board of Regents' employees.
SB 109 make the refund the payment of certain inheritance tax collections.
SB 110 exempt certain funeral services and expenses from sales and use tax.
SB 117 revise certain provisions related to background checks for school district employees.
SB 124 allow for the deposit of certain funds and for the repayment of certain contracts relating to energy savings.
SB 127 limit the Department of Laborís authority to recommend settlements in labor disputes.
SB 153 subject uncertified school administrators to a code of professional ethics.
SB 164 revise the calculation of state aid to education.
SB 177 impose an excise tax on the gross receipts of wireless, cellular, and personal communications system telephone companies.
SB 181 revise certain provisions relating to underinsured motorist coverage limits.
SB 187 revise certain provisions relating to comparative negligence.
SB 202 revise certain provisions regarding visitation rights for grandparents.
SB 228 provide for DNA testing for certain inmates for the purposes of determining whether they may have been wrongfully convicted.
SB 233 require certain minimum penalties for second or subsequent offenses for driving under the influence.
SC 3 Commending and honoring South Dakotans who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps.
SC 7 Honoring the 2001 Madison Bulldogs High School gymnastics team: Kristen Osterberg, Katie Reuter, Jenessa Goeman, Kari Schaefer, Shannon Ahern, Abbie Brown, Kim Helling, Michelle Olinger, Amanda Harmon, Lindsey Prostrollo, Brooke Postma, Brittany Postma, and Michelle Cundy; student managers Lana Elpert, Stefanie Richardson, Jodie Wilkens, Lia Eastman, and Heather Namken; and coaches Diane Braskamp and Linda Collignon.
SC 9 Honoring the memory of Thomas Anthony Francis Iversen and his forty-six years of life.
SC 11 Honoring and supporting the non-Muslim minorities of India's Kashmir: Pandits, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Christians.
SCR 3 Supporting the conversion of the underground mine and portions of the surface mining facilities at Homestake Mine in Lead, South Dakota, to a National Underground Science Laboratory operated by the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for the National Science Foundation.
SCR 8 Supporting programs that bring communities together to examine their demographic pasts and futures and that encourage them to look beyond traditional barriers to find practical solutions to the problems they face.
SCR 9 Expressing support for the electoral college.
SCR 11 Expressing the Legislature's condolences upon the death of Laska Schoenfelder.
SJR 1 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the special election designated by the Seventy-fifth Legislature, meeting in special session, an amendment to Article VIII of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to the creation and administration of a trust fund using certain tobacco settlement monies.

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