Joint Resolutions

HJR 1001Income tax prohibited.
HJR 1002Repeal of Amendment E, the corporate farm amendment to the South Dakota Constitution.
HJR 1003Joint resolution proposing a constitutional amendment relating to expenditures from funds established by a two-thirds vote.
HJR 1004Constitutional amendment relating to conflicts of interest.
HJR 1005Constitutional amendment to repeal contractors excise tax.
HJR 1006Corporate income tax.
HJR 1007Constitutional amendment regarding legislative redistricting after state or federal court ruling.
HJR 1008Right of citizens to hunt, trap and fish guaranteed.
HJR 1009Corporate farming, constitutional amendment repealed.
HJR 1010Constitutional amendment to extend the time allowed for the Governor's review of legislation passed by the Legislature
SJR 1Income tax prohibited.
SJR 2General appropriations bill, 3/5 vote required to pass.
SJR 3The state constitution amended to allow certain scholarships to private academic institutions.
SJR 4Constitutional amendment specifying the minimum vote necessary to opt out of the property tax freeze.
SJR 5Proposing an amendment to the state constitution relating to conflicts of interest.

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