HB 1001Bank Franchise Tax, proceeds to be deposited in the general fund.
HB 1034Tobacco master settlement agreement, provisions revised.
HB 1035Tax agreements, accessibility revised.
HB 1036Internal revenue code references updated.
HB 1064Tax levy for a school district general fund, revised.
HB 1065Weighted average tax levy, formula revised.
HB 1071Sales tax on food repealed.
HB 1091Tax imposed on intangible property.
HB 1104Gross receipts tax imposed on cellular communications.
HB 1110County wheel tax, another use for the tax.
HB 1124Sales and use tax increased for education funding.
HB 1138Bank franchise tax increased.
HB 1147Tax on cigarettes increased.
HB 1154Gross receipts tax on wireless, cellular and personal communications systems.
HB 1157Visitor intensive business subject to a gross receipts tax.
HB 1180Insurance tax sunset provisions repealed and cash surrender value provisions revised.
HB 1181Health insurance risk pool established.
HB 1182Shooting ranges exempt from gross receipts tax.
HB 1186State aid to education calculation to consider outside revenue.
HB 1189Sales and use tax to be collected at municipal airports.
HB 1192Agricultural property assessed based on its agricultural income value.
HB 1203Manufactured home decal to be displayed.
HB 1204Alcoholic beverage tax increased.
HB 1206Ethanol subsidy repealed and money directed to schools.
HB 1207Teacher career fund created out of taxes on advertising.
HB 1208General occupancy tax revised.
HB 1213Index factor in state aid formula revised.
HB 1214Distribution of ethanol production incentive payments revised.
HB 1216Advertising services subject to tax.
HB 1221Revise the tax valuation of certain structures.
HB 1231The Public Utilities Commission gross receipts tax revised.
HB 1232Wind easement payments to be made to the landowner.
HB 1235Wind energy property tax.
HB 1237Political subdivision taxation errors, correction provided.
HB 1242Property tax levies may be revised.
HB 1245Severed mineral interests to be taxed.
HB 1248Low income persons exempt from sales tax on food.
HB 1249Taxes on food repealed.
HB 1254Greenhouse and nursery plant materials exempt from sales tax.
HB 1261Public corporations may not do business with any retailer who fails to collect sales and use taxes.
HB 1263Taxes on tobacco and alcohol to provide funds for medicaid.
HB 1267School district outside revenue fund created.
HB 1269Interstate telecommunications sales tax exemption repealed.
HB 1270Alcoholic beverage tax increased.
HB 1271Cigarette and tobacco tax increased.
HB 1274Contractor's excise tax repealed.
HB 1279Biodiesel fuels defined.
HJR 1002Corporate income tax imposed to fund education.
SB 34Temporary vendors required to maintain records for certain time period.
SB 35Certain gross receipts exempt from sales and use taxes.
SB 36Fuel tax licensees to file and pay taxes electronically.
SB 61Tax on cigarettes and tobacco increased.
SB 62Alcoholic beverages tax increased.
SB 63Interstate telecommunication services sales tax exemption repealed.
SB 76Streamline sales tax agreement, sales taxes modified to comply with agreement.
SB 83Bad debts definition revised.
SB 104Insurance premium tax credit.
SB 110Certain incentives provided for wind power generation.
SB 116Telecommunication services tax imposed.
SB 117Truckers tax repealed.
SB 126Occupancy tax, revised.
SB 128Air ambulance services exempt from sales and use tax.
SB 130Cellular, wireless, and personal telecommunications companies to be centrally assessed for taxes.
SB 131Legislative study of certain property tax exemptions.
SB 133Property tax for firefighting revised.
SB 140Limited liability company included in definitions for bank franchise tax.
SB 149Sale and marketing of unstamped cigarettes regulated.
SB 150Counties may increase property tax levy.
SB 155Property tax exemption for congregate housing.
SB 161Wind energy taxes imposed.
SB 162Revise certain provisions related to the fuel tax on ethanol blend fuels.
SB 163Biodiesel fuel mandated.
SB 169General fund tax levy opt out rates revised.
SB 173Property tax levy for school district pension fund.
SB 174Health insurance risk pool created.
SB 186Alcoholic beverage manufacturer and wholesaler tax imposed.
SB 188Railroads credit against tax for replacement and repair of rail lines.
SB 193Fraternal benefit societies subject to insurance premium tax.
SB 194Oxygenated gasoline mandated.
SB 200Controlled group definition revised.
SB 203Ethanol to be used in the state.
SB 208Property tax index factor increased.
SB 209State aid to education revised by increasing the index factor.
SB 217Contractors use of certain material exempt from tax.
SB 225Limitation placed on time allowed to recover certain taxes.
SB 226Tax collection agreements with Indian tribes, provisions revised.

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