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Burt Elliott

Primary Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1109 require photographs on concealed pistol permits and to increase certain related fees.
HB 1216 impose sales and use tax on certain advertising services.
SB 110 authorize the refund of certain contractors' excise and sales and use taxes associated with certain wind power generation facilities.
SB 139 prohibit the ownership of an auto body repair business by certain insurers and to provide certain requirements and restrictions during the divestiture of any such interest.
SB 209 revise the index factor and the procedure for determining the per student allocation.

Co Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1003 clarify the approval authority for local accounts of the state treasurer and state auditor.
HB 1004 repeal the prohibition of certain disclosures by a state agency of information concerning a private entity and to refer the Act to the electors of this state at the next general election.
HB 1005 repeal certain provisions, commonly known as the gag law, prohibiting certain disclosures by a state agency of information concerning a private entity.
HB 1058 prohibit discrimination against certain health care providers by health insurers.
HB 1071 exempt the purchase of food from sales and use taxes when the provisions of the streamlined sales tax project become effective.
HB 1072 revise certain provisions regarding the operation of vehicles upon the approach of authorized emergency vehicles.
HB 1073 revise certain voting and participation requirements related to bond issues involving two or more political subdivisions.
HB 1074 repeal certain case management requirements pertaining to workers' compensation.
HB 1075 designate rodeo as the official sport of South Dakota.
HB 1076 revise certain provisions related to energy savings contracts.
HB 1077 repeal the limit on credit hours for certain students.
HB 1078 increase the amount of money that school boards can keep in petty cash accounts.
HB 1079 revise certain eligibility restrictions related to secondary school extracurricular activities.
HB 1091 impose an intangible property tax.
HB 1103 provide for a refund of tuition for certain teachers.
HB 1108 authorize landowners and operators to hunt big game from certain public highways.
HB 1126 require evidence of financial responsibility at the time of motor vehicle registration and to provide for the suspension of vehicle registrations.
HB 1163 revise certain provisions related to hunting in public rights-of-way.
HB 1172 revise the factors considered in the certification of a county overweight vehicle enforcement program.
HB 1174 prohibit the limiting of certain gasoline sales.
HB 1178 require highly qualified teachers and to limit the use of unqualified substitute teachers.
HB 1182 exempt certain shooting ranges from the gross receipts tax on visitor-related businesses.
HB 1185 allow creation of superimposed school districts.
HB 1188 permit an association of school administrators to participate in the South Dakota Retirement System.
HB 1209 revise certain restrictions on the use of artificial lights to hunt or locate wild animals.
HB 1210 allow for a nursing facility to be constructed on an American Indian reservation under certain circumstances.
HB 1211 allow the housing of prisoners from other jurisdictions on Indian reservations under certain circumstances.
HB 1212 revise the authority of the Governor in time of disaster, terrorist attack, or emergency.
HB 1213 revise the index factor in the state aid to education formula.
HB 1215 revise certain provisions regarding the records kept by taxidermists and the inspection of taxidermists.
HB 1219 provide certain awards to teachers who teach classes using remote video technology and to make an appropriation therefor.
HB 1227 revise certain provisions regarding the information displayed on a noncommercial motor vehicle license plate.
HB 1233 increase the time period that fireworks may be sold to out-of-state residents.
HB 1249 exempt the purchase of food from sales and use taxes when the provisions of the streamlined sales tax project become effective.
HB 1253 require changes in the motor vehicle reciprocity agreement with Minnesota.
HB 1264 provide an exemption to the axle and weight limits if the total gross weight of a vehicle is within the maximum limits.
HB 1279 define biodiesel blend fuels.
HC 1002 Honoring an outstanding South Dakota educator, Karen Lukens, for receiving the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award.
HC 1003 Honoring Tom McGough as the South Dakota Cross-Country Coach of the Year.
HCR 1002 Urging the United States Congress to appropriate funds to conduct a demonstration project to address sedimentation problems in Lewis and Clark Lake.
HCR 1004 Recognizing and honoring the service and achievements of the South Dakota National Guard.
HCR 1005 Urging the United States Congress to continue to fund South Dakota water projects.
HCR 1010 Proclaiming South Dakota as the Family Farm and Ranch State.
SB 55 permit school administrators to establish an association and to allow the purchase of certain service in the South Dakota Retirement System.
SB 64 revise certain provisions relating to those places where smoking is prohibited.
SB 71 provide for the alternative certification of school administrators.
SB 77 provide for certain increases in the state minimum wage.
SB 78 require notification of interested parties in the release of certain confidential information.
SB 82 establish a comprehensive health association to provide insurance coverage to eligible persons.
SB 84 permit the use of home detention programs for certain nonviolent offenders.
SB 85 appropriate money for the Northern Crops Institute.
SB 94 change the auction agency license plate fee.
SB 99 revise certain provisions related to the sponsorship of projects by water development districts.
SB 101 authorize a motorcycle to display a blue light as part of the vehicle's rear brake light.
SB 102 limit certain liquor license renewal fees.
SB 105 prohibit discriminatory pricing of drugs by manufacturers.
SB 111 repeal certain provisions providing for the review of county overweight vehicle enforcement programs.
SB 112 authorize certain school district capital outlay fund transfers.
SB 113 revise reserve fund criteria for reducing state aid to education for certain school districts.
SB 131 provide for a legislative study of certain property tax exemptions.
SB 135 revise certain provisions relating to the practice of optometry.
SB 145 revise certain Central Plains Water Development District boundaries and to provide legal recognition of the Lewis and Clark Rural Water System for certain purposes.
SB 148 require prior written notice to policyholders of premium increases for individual health insurance.
SB 161 impose an excise tax for certain renewable wind power production facilities and exempt such facilities from property taxes, sales and use taxes, and contractor's excise taxes.
SB 172 require the Department of Health to place certain information on its website.
SB 173 allow a school district to impose an excess levy for its pension fund.
SB 178 revise certain provisions related to the publication and distribution of municipal and school district minutes.
SB 183 provide for the reimbursement of persons who paid certain deductibles associated with tank removal or corrective action for petroleum releases.
SB 184 revise certain provisions relating to the collection, retention, and use of DNA samples.
SB 193 repeal the exemption for fraternal benefit societies from the insurance premium tax.
SC 1 Honoring and supporting Czech Days in Tabor, South Dakota, on the occasion of its fifty-fifth anniversary.
SC 2 Commending and honoring the 2001-2002 Outstanding School Administrators of South Dakota: John Pedersen, Pierre, School Superintendents Association; Michael Hoffman, Parkston, Business Officials Association; Cindy Schneider, Lemmon, Elementary School Principals Association; Terry Aslesen, Mitchell, Secondary School Principals Association; Gerry Hunter, Wessington, Secondary/Middle School Principals Association; Dr. Elizabeth Hogen, Vermillion, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development; and Dr. Michael Keeley, Cornbelt Education Coop, Parker, South Dakota Council of Administrators of Special Education for being named outstanding administrators by their respective administrator parent groups.
SC 4 Honoring Ms. Brittany Gunnare, Miss South Dakota U.S. Teen.
SC 5 Honoring the 2002 Tripp-Delmont Wildcats High School football team and the students and staff involved in the football program.
SC 7 Honoring Krista Jankowski, South Dakota Girls' State Governor, and Dan English, South Dakota Boys' State Governor, and commending the South Dakota American Legion and Auxiliary for their sponsorship and coordination of the Girls' State and Boys' State programs.
SCR 4 Urging the President of the United States of America, the United States Congress, and the United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, to provide the best medical care for our servicemen, servicewomen, veterans, and their families.
SCR 11 Supporting and honoring the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States as they engage in combat with the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein.

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