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Senate Bill 147
Senator Adelstein and Representatives McCoy, Buckingham, Hanks, and McLaughlin
An Act to require the use of an ignition interlock device in motor vehicles used by certain persons guilty of a second violation of driving under the influence and to provide for certain penalties with regard to ignition interlock devices.
Subject Index: Crimes , Driving Under the Influence , Motor Vehicles
Audio Debate Available
01/27/2005 First read in Senate and referred to Senate Judiciary S.J. 201
02/02/2005 Scheduled for committee hearing on this date
02/02/2005 Judiciary Deferred to another day Passed Audio Available
02/09/2005 Scheduled for committee hearing on this date
02/09/2005 Senate Judiciary Amendment (147ra)
02/09/2005 Judiciary Do Pass Amended Failed, YEAS 2, NAYS 4. Audio Available
02/09/2005 Judiciary Deferred to 41st legislative day Passed, YEAS 4, NAYS 2. S.J. 415

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