___________________ moved that SB 205 be amended as follows:

     On page 1, line 5 of the printed bill, overstrike " a board of county commissioners " and insert " any county governing body ".

     On page 1 , delete lines 13 to 16 , inclusive, and insert:

     Section 2. That § 7-18A-15.1 be amended to read as follows:

     7-18A-15.1.   Any legislative decision of a board of any county commissioners governing body is subject to the referendum process. The granting of any conditional use permit by a county governing body is a legislative decision. A legislative decision is one that enacts a permanent law or lays down a rule of conduct or course of policy for the guidance of citizens or their officers. Any matter of a permanent or general character is a legislative decision.

     No administrative decision of a governing body is subject to the referendum process, unless specifically authorized by this code. An administrative decision is one that merely puts into execution a plan already adopted by the governing body itself or by the Legislature. Supervision of a program is an administrative decision. Hiring, disciplining, and setting the salaries of employees are administrative decisions. ".

     On page 2 , delete lines 1 to 6 , inclusive.

     On page 2 , delete lines 17 to 24 , inclusive.

     On page 3 , delete lines 1 to 4 , inclusive.