Committee Agenda

Committee:    House Commerce
Room:     464
Date:    Thursday, February 3, 2005
Time:    7:45 AM

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         HB 1147     provide for certain inspections by licensed home inspectors, to limit certain recoveries with regard to the sale of residential property, to limit the application of the statute of limitations, and to provide for the recoveries of certain costs and attorney fees.
             Representatives Lange, Bradford, Dennert, and Elliott

         HB 1159     allow intrastate shipment of wine to consumers by farm wineries.
             Representatives Murschel, Boomgarden, Brunner, Dennert, Dykstra, Howie, Krebs, Kroger, McLaughlin, Nelson, O'Brien, Rounds, Schafer, and Tidemann and Senators Dempster, Abdallah, Duniphan, Hansen (Tom), Koetzle, McCracken, Nesselhuf, and Sutton (Duane)

         HB 1175     allow physicians to receive payment for services provided to an injured party when the injured party recovers compensation for the injury from another person.
             Representatives Van Etten, Cutler, Dennert, Dykstra, Frost, Garnos, Glenski, Hunhoff, Krebs, McCoy, McLaughlin, Michels, O'Brien, Sebert, Vehle, Weems, and Wick and Senators Knudson, Abdallah, Bogue, Broderick, Duniphan, Earley, Hansen (Tom), Kelly, Koskan, McCracken, McNenny, Moore, and Peterson (Jim)

         HB 1179     revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of vehicle manufactures, franchisors, and dealers.
             Representatives Wick, Dennert, Hanks, Klaudt, and Peters and Senators McCracken, Kelly, Peterson (Jim), Sutton (Dan), and Sutton (Duane)

         HB 1188     revise certain provisions regarding amounts payable under reinsurance contracts in liquidation proceedings of insurers.
             Representatives Michels, Gillespie, Rounds, and Willadsen and Senators Sutton (Dan) and Bogue

         SB 40*     establish minimum fire safety standards for specialty resorts.
             The Committee on Commerce at the request of the Department of Health

NOTE: The above bills will be taken up in this order for a hearing on the date noted. If circumstances do not permit a hearing on this date then a hearing will be held at a future meeting of the committee to be determined by the chair. Action on a bill may come at any time after it has had a hearing.