Committee Agenda

Committee:    Senate Judiciary
Room:     413
Date:    Monday, February 14, 2005
Time:    10:00 AM

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         HB 1057     make an appropriation for the payment of extraordinary litigation expenses and to declare an emergency.
             The Committee on Appropriations at the request of the Bureau of Finance and Management

         HB 1148*     provide that certain statements and actions made by health care providers are not admissible to prove negligence in medical malpractice actions.
             Representatives Van Etten, Brunner, Cutler, Frost, Hennies, Hunhoff, Jensen, Kraus, Krebs, Michels, Murschel, Peters, Rave, Roberts, Sebert, and Tornow and Senators Knudson, Abdallah, Bogue, Gray, Koetzle, Koskan, and Moore

         HB 1155     define liquefied petroleum gas equipment and appliances for purposes of product liability.
             Representatives Cutler, Haley, Hargens, Jensen, Putnam, and Rounds and Senators Olson (Ed), Bogue, Koetzle, and Moore

         HB 1157*     provide for recovery of motor fuel theft.
             Representatives Michels, Frost, Garnos, Gillespie, Rounds, Thompson, Vehle, and Weems and Senators Broderick, Abdallah, Koskan, McCracken, Moore, and Sutton (Dan)

         HB 1168     revise the homestead exemption.
             Representatives Deadrick, Hunt, Michels, and Rhoden and Senator Bogue

         HB 1189     clarify the application of certain provisions pertaining to the sale of pistols.
             Representatives Rhoden, Davis, Deadrick, Dykstra, Elliott, Frost, Gillespie, Hackl, Hargens, Hennies, Hunhoff, Klaudt, Koistinen, Kraus, Miles, Nelson, O'Brien, Pederson (Gordon), Peters, Putnam, Rave, Tornow, Turbiville, Vehle, and Wick and Senator Koskan

NOTE: The above bills will be taken up in this order for a hearing on the date noted. If circumstances do not permit a hearing on this date then a hearing will be held at a future meeting of the committee to be determined by the chair. Action on a bill may come at any time after it has had a hearing.


         SB 197     clarify who may transfer personal property held in joint tenancy.
             Senators McNenny, Bogue, and Hanson (Gary) and Representative Gillespie

         HB 1104     limit the damages that may be awarded in a medical malpractice action against a podiatrist.
             Representatives Cutler, Rave, Rounds, Turbiville, and Vehle and Senators Dempster and Earley