80th Legislative Session _ 2005

Committee: Senate Judiciary
Friday, February 25, 2005

                                            P - Present
                                            E - Excused
                                            A - Absent

Roll Call
P    Gray
E    Knudson
P    Koetzle
P    Koskan
P    Moore
P    Schoenbeck, Vice-Chair
P    Abdallah, Chair

OTHERS PRESENT: See Original Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Senator Gene Abdallah, Chair

         HB 1226: establish certain notice provisions related to the custody and placement of Indian children.

Presented by:    Representative Jim Bradford
Proponents:    Ann Holzhauser, Department of Social Services
        Chuck Schroyer, SD States Attorney's Association
        Steve Emery, Rosebud Sioux Tribe
        Diane Garreau, self - Eagle Butte
        Representative Paul Valandra
        Deb Bowman, Governor's Office
        Representative Thomas Van Norman
        Jennifer Ring, ACLU of The Dakotas
        Susan Randall, SD Coalition For Children


     On page 1, line 15 of the House engrossed bill, delete " or an apparent Indian child in need of supervision pursuant to §  26-8B-3 " .

     On page 3 , line 1, after " Interior " insert "and to the area director for the Bureau of Indian Affairs".

     On page 3 , line 1, delete " has " and insert "have".

     On page 3 , line 17, after " affiliation " insert ", if known,".

     On page 4 , delete lines 8 and 9 , and insert:

             "(e)    If the petition alleges the child to be an abused or neglected child, a statement that the termination of parental or custodial rights is a possible remedy under the proceedings;".

     On page 6 , line 1, delete " §  1912 " and insert " §  1901".

Moved by:    Koetzle
Second by:    Schoenbeck
Action:    Prevailed by voice vote.


Moved by:    Moore
Second by:    Koetzle
Action:    Prevailed by roll call vote.(6-0-1-0)

Voting Yes:    Gray, Koetzle, Koskan, Moore, Schoenbeck, Abdallah

Excused:    Knudson


Moved by:    Gray
Second by:    Koetzle
Action:    Prevailed by voice vote.

Rena Ortbahn


Committee Secretary
Gene G. Abdallah, Chair

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