Public Health and Safety

HB 1030Critical access hospital, rural area defined.
HB 1031Delayed marriage record established.
HB 1032Cancer reporting requirements revised.
HB 1064Certificate of health for persons with continuing contracts in a consolidated school districts, requirement changed.
HB 1095Drug testing for employees of resident care centers.
HB 1109Medical use of marijuana.
HB 1114Radio frequency identification microchip use banned.
HB 1136Radio frequency identification tags regulated.
HB 1155Liquefied petroleum gas equipment and appliances defined as a product for determining product liability.
HB 1162Cardiopulmonary resuscitation directives revised.
HB 1183Extend the sunset date for construction of nursing homes on Indian reservations.
HB 1184Authorize construction of nursing home on the pine Ridge Reservation.
HB 1196First responder vaccination program.
HB 1245Automated external defibrillators, use revised.
HB 1249Abortions restricted.
HB 1255Health care providers, institutions, and payer may decline to perform health care services.
SB 9Integrated telecommunications functions and facilities, obsolete provision repealed.
SB 38Nursing facility bed moratorium continued.
SB 40Specialty resorts, minimum fire safety standards set.
SB 41Vital record access regulated.
SB 56Nursing facilities, preadmission assessment for admission repealed.
SB 73Rural fire protection districts may contract with other nonprofit corporations.
SB 137Local governments may regulate tobacco products.
SB 167Health insurance coverage for contraceptives.
SB 168Emergency medical care for rape victims.
SB 169Hospitals required to provide diagnostic-related group charges information to the public.
SB 193Abortion restricted for unemancipated minors and incompetent females.
SB 198Abortion restrictions.
SB 203Abortion prohibited except to save the life of the mother.
SB 204Living wills and durable powers of attorney provisions revised.
SB 221Products containing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine sales restricted.

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