State Affairs and Government

HB 1032Cancer reporting requirements revised.
HB 1051Fish hatchery and facility infrastructure to be constructed and modernized.
HB 1069Admission to the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre to be free.
HB 1088The General Appropriations Act for FY 2006.
HB 1098Conservation easement terms clarified.
HB 1139Revise definition of energy conservation measure.
HB 1205Fry bread designated as official state bread.
HB 1234Tribal and state tax compacts.
HB 1260South Dakota Electric Transmission Assistance Authority created.
HB 1264Constitutional Revision Commission continued.
SB 10Digital Dakota Network, references corrected.
SB 44Certain debts may be referred to a private vendor for collection.
SB 45Governor's residence may be donated for public purpose.
SB 61Eminent domain power may be used for limited purpose.
SB 62South Dakota Science and Technology Authority may invest funds with the investment council.
SB 69Administrative rules, promulgation process revised.
SB 75Railroad museums, official sites designated.
SB 112Artwork to be displayed in state buildings, provisions revised.
SB 126Tyrannosaurus Rex designated as the state dinosaur.
SB 159President Pro Tempore may appoint certain members of the Interim Rules Review Committee.
SB 209Dental tuition reimbursement program participation increased.
SB 210Gaming compacts with Indian tribes require legislative approval.

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