Real Property

HB 1001Real property sales, certain presumptions established.
HB 1002Owner-occupied dwellings, requirements to determine classification revised.
HB 1003Agricultural income value, annual cash rent criteria used to determine revised.
HB 1059Natural non-meandered lakes, beneficial use for recreation established.
HB 1067Property tax levies for school districts revised.
HB 1091Real estate taxes, date used to determine when taxes are delinquent is revised.
HB 1092Commercial real estate broker lien.
HB 1098Conservation easement terms clarified.
HB 1103Conservation officers restricted from entry on private land without permission.
HB 1120Eminent domain judgement, percentage for judgement to exceed offer modified.
HB 1121Agricultural income values, capitalization rate changed.
HB 1141Real property sales and assessment revised as related to general fund levies for school districts.
HB 1168Homestead exemption increased for debtors in bankruptcy.
HB 1178Recorded plats errors or omissions, procedure to correct.
HB 1186Allow reduced assessed value of land because of prairie dog damage.
HB 1195Uniform Environmental Covenants Act.
HB 1198Records of weed and pest control board may recorded when related to real property.
HB 1199Specify when orders for weed and pest control terminate
HB 1208Assessment appeal deadlines changed.
HB 1236Property taxes revised for school district capital outlay fund.
HB 1256Residential contractors regulated.
SB 2Agricultural property assessments, factors used to determine value revised.
SB 3Agricultural land, written statements regarding a lease to be filed.
SB 4Agricultural property, classifications created.
SB 36Board of Regents may accept a gift of land from the South Dakota State University Foundation.
SB 61Eminent domain power may be used for limited purpose.
SB 83Real estate disclosure statement revised.
SB 97Homestead, maximum value set.
SB 108Severed mineral interests taxed.
SB 122Conservation officers entry restricted on certain private land without permission.
SB 128Real property valuation adjusted.
SB 143Uniform Environmental Covenants Act.
SB 180No tax abatement when tax certificate is outstanding.
SB 182Lien for commercial real estate broker.
SB 183Certain lands may be conveyed under special circumstances.
SB 201Construction defect resolution procedure.
SB 207Revise certain provisions related to mobile and manufactured homes.
SB 211Easements restricted on railroad property acquired by eminent domain.
SB 225Real property acquired for a correctional facility to be sold.

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