School Districts

HB 1053School district consolidation incentive appropriation.
HB 1064Certificate of health for persons with continuing contracts in a consolidated school districts, requirement changed.
HB 1065Dakota Valley School District, appropriation.
HB 1067Property tax levies for school districts revised.
HB 1073Financial incentives for consolidating school districts phased out.
HB 1081Permanent school records may be maintained in an electronic format.
HB 1099Publication and distribution of municipal, county, and school district minutes.
HB 1108Excess tax levy opt out limited.
HB 1123McLaughlin School District appropriation.
HB 1124Appropriate education enhancement trust fund money for kindergarten through high school education.
HB 1125Public school counselors paid for achieving national certification.
HB 1126Unemployment insurance compensation fund for political subdivisions, restriction modified.
HB 1127Home school students may receive special education services.
HB 1137Index factor in the state aid to education formula revised.
HB 1140State aid to education calculation revised.
HB 1141Real property sales and assessment revised as related to general fund levies for school districts.
HB 1149Cross-border education contracts with North Dakota schools.
HB 1169Terminating a teacher's contract, procedure revised.
HB 1170Distance education course providers to be certified.
HB 1203Tax imposed on financial institutions, distribution revised.
HB 1207School term and compensation increased to school districts.
HB 1216State aid to education excess funds from the 2005 fiscal year distributed.
HB 1227School employment, certain restrictions changed.
HB 1231Nationally certified teachers may receive stipends for a period of ten years.
HB 1235Index factor adjusted in the state aid to education formula.
HB 1236Property taxes revised for school district capital outlay fund.
HB 1241Teacher quality enhancement grant program created and appropriation.
HB 1251School report card system created.
HB 1253A group health insurance plan for county, municipal, and school district employees.
SB 11Standardized achievement test to be monitored by local school district.
SB 64School district funds, uses regulated.
SB 65School district excess general fund balance, calculation revised.
SB 66School district obligation to reorganize may be submitted to voters if no agreement reached on plan.
SB 71Four-day school week for school districts to follow to receive state aid to education.
SB 72Legal costs are an allowable expense for special education fund.
SB 101School term begins the day after Labor Day.
SB 102Secondary career and technical education appropriation.
SB 105Surplus property, consistent local procedures for disposal.
SB 125School district general fund balance to not include certain transfers.
SB 128Real property valuation adjusted.
SB 140State aid to education formula revised.
SB 166School must provide medically accurate health instruction.
SB 170Index factor revised.
SB 171Public officials may not vote on issues that cause a conflict of interest.
SB 184Appropriation to the Department of Education to assist certain school districts with capital improvement needs.
SB 185Calculation of a school district excess general fund balance, revised.
SB 202State aid to general education revised to include a sparsity factor.
SB 215Referendum on the beginning of the regular school term.

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