Domestic Relations

HB 1031Delayed marriage record established.
HB 1080Petitioner notified when an ex parte protection order is served.
HB 1105Domestic abuse definition revised.
HB 1164Alimony ends upon cohabitation or pregnancy.
HB 1185Indian Child Welfare Act requirements adopted.
HB 1193Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.
HB 1226Child custody proceedings to comply with Indian Child Welfare Act.
HB 1263Revise definition of of domestic abuse.
HJR 1001Constitution amended to define marriage.
SB 12Parental rights termination, parent may appear at hearing telephonically.
SB 54Abused or neglected child, expedited hearing procedure clarified.
SB 55Abused or neglected children, provide a preference for placement with a relative.
SB 60Child support, methods to determine revised.
SB 123Joint legal custody of children.
SB 127Alcoholic beverage wholesale tax increased.
SB 133Past due child support paid to Department of Social Services from legal proceedings.

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