HB 1139Revise definition of energy conservation measure.
HB 1157Civil recovery for unpaid motor fuel.
HB 1201Ethanol labeling requirements.
HB 1217Growth based renewable energy standard established.
HB 1237Fuel tax reduction for biodiesel fuel.
HB 1260South Dakota Electric Transmission Assistance Authority created.
HB 1261Sales and contractor's excise tax refund for power generation facilities.
HB 1262Property tax assessment exemption for energy transmission facilities.
SB 17Wind energy facilities, Public Utilities Commission siting authority revised.
SB 80Exempt new wind energy facilities from contractors excise tax.
SB 130Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System.
SB 141Consumer power districts may supply or transport natural or artificial gas.
SB 148Mandated summer study of wind power.
SB 149Create state commission to support wind power.
SB 160Energy production facilities exempt from property tax for limited time.
SB 177Establish a renewable energy credit system.
SB 200Revise labeling requirements for ethanol.
SB 218The South Dakota Energy Infrastructure Authority created.

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