HB 1018Coordinated Soil and Water Conservation Fund appropriation.
HB 1022Winter Safe Highway Maintenance fund repealed.
HB 1024Lee Medicine and Science Hall appropriation for increased costs.
HB 1025Building authorization for the Board of Regents.
HB 1026Scientific research equipment matching funds.
HB 1027South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship Fund appropriation for fiscal year 2007.
HB 1028South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship Fund appropriation for years 2005 and 2006.
HB 1029Board of Regents appropriation for various women's facilities for Title IX compliance.
HB 1051Fish hatchery and facility infrastructure to be constructed and modernized.
HB 1052Correctional facilities, appropriation for design and construction.
HB 1053School district consolidation incentive appropriation.
HB 1054General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2005 corrected.
HB 1055Payment of settlement expenses to SDDS, Inc.
HB 1056Wildfire suppression appropriation.
HB 1057Litigation extraordinary expenses appropriation.
HB 1058State Fair appropriation.
HB 1065Dakota Valley School District, appropriation.
HB 1066Bonding authority for law enforcement building, increased.
HB 1068Agricultural tourism, special appropriation to promote.
HB 1082Post secondary technical institutes appropriation.
HB 1088The General Appropriations Act for FY 2006.
HB 1096Appropriate money for armory in Mobridge.
HB 1112Pre-kindergarten pilot program and funding.
HB 1113Tobacco taxes and appropriation.
HB 1123McLaughlin School District appropriation.
HB 1124Appropriate education enhancement trust fund money for kindergarten through high school education.
HB 1150An Act to appropriate money for the Northern Crops Institute.
HB 1158Appropriate funds to provide cochlear implants to certain children.
HB 1161Nursing facilities reimbursement for care of residents.
HB 1167Community services information phone line appropriation.
HB 1187Property tax relief fund may be used by property owners in controlling prairie dogs.
HB 1207School term and compensation increased to school districts.
HB 1213Appropriation for life insurance for national guard members.
HB 1214Sales tax on food refund appropriation.
HB 1215Appropriations from various water and environment funds.
HB 1219Competitive research grants appropriation.
HB 1220Appropriation to enhance education.
HB 1241Teacher quality enhancement grant program created and appropriation.
HB 1254The investment in South Dakota's future program created and appropriation.
HB 1259Veteran's bonus program eligibility revised.
SB 6Appropriations process, reporting and purposes revised.
SB 25Extraordinary litigation fund purposes revised.
SB 34Board of Regents appropriation for manure digestion system.
SB 35Board of Regents appropriation for Cottonwood Research Station.
SB 36Board of Regents may accept a gift of land from the South Dakota State University Foundation.
SB 118Appropriate education enhancement trust fund earnings for career and secondary technical education.
SB 142Cigarette and tobacco taxes increased.
SB 158Distance learning provider certification and appropriation.
SB 161Appropriation to the state library to support information literacy skills.
SB 175Motor vehicle license plate regulation revised.
SB 184Appropriation to the Department of Education to assist certain school districts with capital improvement needs.
SB 187Elderly and disabled persons tax refund appropriation.
SB 188General Appropriations Act for education enhancement for fiscal year 2005 revised.
SB 189Association of County Commissioners appropriation for the coordination of 911 services.
SB 202State aid to general education revised to include a sparsity factor.
SB 213W.H.Over Museum appropriation.
SB 218The South Dakota Energy Infrastructure Authority created.
SB 222Telecommunications tax allocation and distribution of the funds.
SB 224Appropriation in HB 1220 repealed.

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