Administrative Rules

HB 1045Health insurance dependent coverage continuation modified.
HB 1063Education for gifted children rule-making authority repealed.
HB 1068Agricultural tourism, special appropriation to promote.
HB 1089Massage therapists regulated.
HB 1112Pre-kindergarten pilot program and funding.
HB 1125Public school counselors paid for achieving national certification.
HB 1142Material fabricators sales and use tax refund.
HB 1158Appropriate funds to provide cochlear implants to certain children.
HB 1170Distance education course providers to be certified.
HB 1182Cattle checkoff program established.
HB 1187Property tax relief fund may be used by property owners in controlling prairie dogs.
HB 1204Statistics regarding traffic law enforcement to collected and maintained.
HB 1217Growth based renewable energy standard established.
HB 1223Establish a public works employment program for Native American youth.
HB 1232Certain feedlots must be bonded.
HB 1236Property taxes revised for school district capital outlay fund.
HB 1241Teacher quality enhancement grant program created and appropriation.
HB 1251School report card system created.
HB 1254The investment in South Dakota's future program created and appropriation.
SB 27Ditch mowing on state trunk highway system regulated.
SB 28Prairie dog listed as a designated pest.
SB 41Vital record access regulated.
SB 69Administrative rules, promulgation process revised.
SB 82Real estate brokers may appoint agents within office to represent separate parties.
SB 91Free admission to South Dakota state parks and recreation areas for military personnel.
SB 95Betting on horse and dog racing revised.
SB 100Sales tax on food refund program rule-making authority clarified.
SB 104Financial responsibility data base.
SB 114Pulse crop checkoff established.
SB 117Animal identification program established.
SB 127Alcoholic beverage wholesale tax increased.
SB 130Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System.
SB 153Dental hygienists may perform limited services.
SB 158Distance learning provider certification and appropriation.
SB 184Appropriation to the Department of Education to assist certain school districts with capital improvement needs.
SB 192Wine shipper license created.
SB 195Convenience fees created for certain administrative acts.
SB 208Highway speed limits to be set by Transportation Commission.
SB 219Motorcycle converter licensing.
SB 220South Dakota Certified Beef Program established.

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