HB 1039Insurance producers may not influence a witness.
HB 1045Health insurance dependent coverage continuation modified.
HB 1046Insurance examination reports procedure revised.
HB 1047Small employer premium discounts authorized.
HB 1076Indemnification of public officers and employees, the maximum amount increased.
HB 1094Farm mutual insurance companies, division allowed.
HB 1101Contracts in restraint of trade, exception for insurance agents.
HB 1102Maximum payment or indemnity for governmental officers and employees increased.
HB 1115Supplemental coverages offered with automobile liability policies.
HB 1131Insurance investigations regulated.
HB 1135Proof of financial responsibility required to recover noneconomic damages in motor vehicle accident.
HB 1188Insurer liquidation proceedings, amount payable under reinsurance contracts revised.
HB 1213Appropriation for life insurance for national guard members.
HB 1218Fee schedule disclosure between health carriers and providers.
HB 1253A group health insurance plan for county, municipal, and school district employees.
HB 1255Health care providers, institutions, and payer may decline to perform health care services.
SB 29South Dakota Risk Pool, certain provider contracts permitted.
SB 30Health insurance, prior creditable coverage revised.
SB 46Closed block health benefit plans, requirements modified.
SB 49Insurance producer may not pay a referral fee.
SB 50Group health coverage, references to conversion rights removed from the continuation requirements.
SB 51Medicare supplement policies modified.
SB 52Burial expenses, payment by life insurers and fraternal benefit societies revised.
SB 53Health care provider networks, adequate access provided.
SB 58Insurers to cooperate with the Department of Social Services to coordinate medical benefits.
SB 104Financial responsibility data base.
SB 131Hyperbaric oxygen therapy covered by insurance and medicaid.
SB 138Guarantee issue policy premiums.
SB 139Long term care insurance mandated benefit.
SB 163Multiple employer trusts authorized.
SB 167Health insurance coverage for contraceptives.
SB 176Recovery of amounts paid by insurance company to guaranty association through premium surcharge.
SB 199Insurance risk pool eligibility.

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