Motor Vehicles

HB 1034Motor vehicle dealer investigation by Department of Revenue and Regulation, procedure revised.
HB 1041Electronic title file system to be used.
HB 1042Abandoned motor vehicles regulated.
HB 1060Motor vehicle dealers subject to increased regulatory authority of the Department of Revenue and Regulation.
HB 1061Commercial motor vehicle drivers, regulatory authority of the Department of Public Safety revised.
HB 1078Motorcycle safety education fee revised.
HB 1111Motor vehicle sales, records and lien provisions modified.
HB 1115Supplemental coverages offered with automobile liability policies.
HB 1116Alcoholic beverage open container laws revised.
HB 1119Sales of out-of-state motor vehicles and excise tax requirements revised.
HB 1130Criminal code revision.
HB 1134Seat belts, failure to wear may be used to mitigate damages.
HB 1135Proof of financial responsibility required to recover noneconomic damages in motor vehicle accident.
HB 1151Motor vehicle right-of-way at intersections regulated.
HB 1157Civil recovery for unpaid motor fuel.
HB 1171Snowmobiles may be sold on consignment.
HB 1174Child endangerment resulting from driving under the influence.
HB 1179Motor vehicle manufacturers, franchisors and dealers, provisions revised.
HB 1202Salvage titles provided.
HB 1206Noncommercial motor vehicle license plates.
HB 1230Children to be in a booster seat when in a motor vehicle.
HB 1237Fuel tax reduction for biodiesel fuel.
HB 1242Drivers licenses and identification cards regulated.
HB 1243Foreign country identification and documentation to be copied when applying for a drivers license.
SB 31Motor carrier safety and transportation of hazardous materials, federal references updated.
SB 63Pedestrian control signals, standards revised.
SB 67Crimes revised.
SB 74Snowmobile drivers, operation restricted.
SB 92Recreational vehicle dimensions regulated.
SB 98Driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, fifth offense penalty set.
SB 104Financial responsibility data base.
SB 119Abandoned vehicles possessory lien.
SB 129Social security number may not be used for certain identification cards.
SB 147Ignition interlock device required in motor vehicles used by persons convicted of a second violation of driving under the influence.
SB 175Motor vehicle license plate regulation revised.
SB 194Abandoned motor vehicles provisions revised.
SB 195Convenience fees created for certain administrative acts.
SB 207Revise certain provisions related to mobile and manufactured homes.
SB 208Highway speed limits to be set by Transportation Commission.

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